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The planetary character of astrology and your finding

AWe belong to different planets. There are Venus, Pluto, and even Mars among us. And I’m not saying that because I have an extraordinary belief in extraterrestrial life. Based on Alexandria Lettman, the resident astrologer for The SoulUnityEach of us embodies different planetary energies at different intensities based on the position and expression of our fertility chart. 10 planetary personalities bring deeper understanding of yourself.

Planetary energy’s primary determinant is your gauge or chart ruling planet, the paranormal rule sign of increase. If you are Taurus or rising Libra, you are Venus, ruled by Venus. If you belong to the Sagittarius palace, you are from the Jupiter palace, ruled by Jupiter. There is an easy way to review it. However, Sometimes there is more than one planetary energy in a chart. This usually happens in case you have a camellia pattern on your fertility chart.

“A layer of tea can occur when three or more planets or separate angles, such as descendants, descendants, midheaven, or the bottom of the sky, residing under a zodiac, ”said Lettman. “Or maybe more than three planets reside in a house. This does not include the outer planets, as these are generation planets that do not have a profound effect on our personality. The planetary ruler of the zodiac sign that tea trees are under the planetary energy they carry. For example, Scorpio Stellium has Mars / Pluto energy because these are the rulers of this prototype planet.

Those with strong camellia can be a cosmic amalgam of many varieties, belonging to two different planets. “Even if their bullish sign is completely different, camellia people will radiate the energy of the dominant planet of the Stellium sign along with the planet that rules their chart,” Lettman said. “The one whose palace is Aries is Mars. However, if they have three individual planets in Gemini, they are Mercury. “

To know where your planetary energy is located make sure to check The birth chart generator looks like this. Once you have it, scroll down below to find your intergalactic personality type.

10 planetary personalities, according to an astrologer

1. Solarians: Leo risings, Leo stelliums and 5th house stelliums

Like a fiery ball in the sign, solar energy emits and radiates light. This makes the Solarians warm, rich and natural leaders.

“They tend to overdo it, but they have the ability to easily light up those around them,” Lettman said. “The Solari’s life experience is closely related to ego promotion or disruption, the positive or negative consequences of recognition and creativity.”

2. Moon: Cancer risk and camellia and camellia 4th home

Crescent moon, lunar energy receive the light. The example of the Solari people, they don’t shine outwardly, they are interested in introversion. They have that emotional depth and connection to their inner world that not many people can understand.

“They are very protective of themselves and others because they operate through the tenderness of their inner child,” Lettman said. “Life for them is about their perceptions of shifting around their emotional and inner satisfaction, while also allowing others to see their inner world.”

3. Mercury: adventurous Gemini, adventurous Virgo, camellia 3 and camellia 6

Mercurials have expressive energy. This means that they are sharp communicators who use their smart minds to their advantage when dealing with others.

“They are extremely flexible, intelligent and have a natural appeal to them. Lettman says they bring that power to connect with or fool others. “The mercantilist life is mainly about responsibility for authenticity, communicating honestly, and finding rational ways to deal with challenges.”

4. Venus: Taurus and Libra are adventurous and camellia, camellia in the 2nd and 7th houses)

With fun and beauty oriented planets as their guide, Venus energy is interesting and unification. They have an absolute magnetizing energy that can turn their heads and draw others towards them. They also have no conflict.

“They tend to hide reality and things that are ugly or unsatisfied as a way to preserve beauty and harmony in their lives,” Lettman said. “For example, don’t cut off from the old relationship even though they have evolved one because they don’t want difficult conversations. They have a unique ability to bring together polarized worlds, people, and ideas.

5. Martian: Aries grow and plant camellia 1

Mars energy seperate, and this makes the Martians not afraid to do things alone, or to leave people behind if they feel they are being held back. For better or for worse, they are truly independent people.

“They are born leaders and competitive initiators,” said Lettman. “However, Martians are often overly arrogant or overly strong. They are a passionate and dominant force that might be too much for some to handle; however, they are inspiring as well as terrifying.

6. People of Par Moc: Sagittarius grows or arranges camellia at home 9

Jupiter energy proudly affirms and expands. You will find that Jupiters have a greater attraction than life, they are free-spirited and often very spiritual.

“They’re generous, idealistic, inspired, and probably not the best at setting personal boundaries or respecting the ones of others,” Lettman said. “They are a great motivator when their generous and optimistic energy lights up every room they live in.”

7. Saturn: Capricorn adventure and camellia or camellia 10th home

True Saturn’s extreme energy refuse. This is not to say that Saturn is unattractive, they just have a tough appearance.

“They carry powerful, mature and wise energy within themselves, even though their wisdom is created through the resistance, pain and trials they face in life,” Lettman said. “They have matured for their age, which is often a sign of their need to mature quickly. They are great boundary-seters, ambitious, and drawn to the structure. “

8. Neptunians: Pisces adventurous and camellia or camellia tree 12

Neptune energy expands (like Jupiter) as well as acquires. This makes the Neptunians contemplative, detached from the physical and intuitive realm.

“Neptunians are stimulated by the unknown and are unable to live life on the surface level,” Lettman said. “They understand the world through metacognition, dreams and abstract thinking. They live between the lines between reality and illusion that cause them to be delusional or idealistic.

9. Uranians: Adventurous vases and 11th house camellia or camellia

Uranus’ energy is the energy of an innovator. The Uranians are known to be inspirational and inclusive, so that no one can progress. The Uranians also look for different ways to survive and do things.

“They appreciate the beauty of difference and individuality,” Lettman said. They are very connected with their humanity and with their network of people. However, instinctively, they still feel the need to change, separate, separate and deviate from anything foreseeable in order to re-establish themselves elsewhere ”.

10. Plutonians: Adventurous tigers and camellia or camellia the 12th or 8th house

Dark and powerful, the Plutonian energy had the power to cut. It is an active energy at a deep level, giving Pluto a natural intensity to their personalities and receiving strong responses from everyone.

“They are determined and resilient with a sharp mind,” Lettman said. “However, their psychological awareness of the depth and darkness of human experience can create fear, paranoia, and obsession that increases their troubles.”

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