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“The Postal Service found no evidence of mail ballot fraud in the case cited by top Republicans”


According to the inspector-general’s report, the US Postal investigators found no evidence to support a Pennsylvania postman’s claim that his supervisors forged submitted ballots. by post – charges invoked by top Republicans to bring up unfounded allegations of fraud in the presidential election.

Richard Hopkins, a mail carrier in Erie, alleged in November that he overheard a local postman discussing a plan to postpone the date ballots received after the November 3 vote. and passing them on to election officials is legal. Working with Project Veritas, a nonprofit that seeks to expose what they say is biased in the mainstream media, Hopkins released an oath recounting those allegations.

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (RS.C.) cited Hopkins’ statement in a letter to the Justice Department in November calling for a federal investigation of the election results in Pennsylvania, where Joe Biden beat defeated President Donald Trump with more than 81,000 votes, and the Democratic candidates. outperformed GOP challengers in mailed ballots.

Graham and many other Republicans refused to accept the results of the election for weeks, even after the states had audited and certified the results.

Attorney General William P. Barr later Authorised Federal prosecutors opened investigations of credible allegations of irregular voting and fraud before the results were confirmed, a longstanding reversal of the Justice Department’s policy.

But Hopkins soon withdrew, officials from the Post Office Inspector General’s Office told members of Congress on November 10, and the new investigation confirmed. In an interview with federal agents, Hopkins “revised his original statements, eventually saying he had not heard a conversation about the ballots yet – instead he saw the Director. The Postmaster and the Superintendent are discussing and suggesting it is about delaying the fraudulent voting, “reports the Statuses.



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