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“The Pro-Yang PACs form as the New York mayor’s race enters golden hour”

It is well known that one of the things to look out for about public funding of elections in the United States – whether traditional forms of public finance or funds suitable for small donors take the approach. access to public finance – there is still the potential for significant amounts to be spent by outside groups, including the SuperPac. Public finance cannot and cannot eliminate that, because of that Buckley v. Valeo protect independent spending rights. In competitive contests in which many are believed to be threatened, large independent expenditures will take place, regardless of the candidates receiving public funding. That is starting to happen with the NYC mayor’s run, because of this Large politicoand report:

A top-level political consultant is launching an effort to boost Andrew Yang’s candidacy with a goal of raising $ 6 million for TV commercials – one of at least three active political action committees. move the current leader to City Hall.

Lis Smith, Pete Buttigieg’s senior presidential campaign adviser, is in talks with potential sponsors and employees about the creation of a PAC that operates outside of the city’s strict campaign finance bounds. street to fight negative ads against Yang, some people familiar with the call told POLITICO.

She collaborated with Propaganda, a National Democracy company is formed by a trio veteran political agents: Admaker AJ Lenar, who worked in the Obama presidential campaign; Meredith Kelly, communications director for the White House bid for Kirsten Gillibrand; and Trey Nix, campaign director for North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper….

At least one PAC does not share warm feelings towards Yang: Our City, a group formed by Gabe Tobias of the Justice Democratic Party, is starting to raise money to counter Yang’s rise in polls.

“We want to make sure that a progressive candidate wins the mayoral race and ensures that no voters vote for a conservative, non-violating candidate and that’s for sure Andrew Yang. , ”Tobias recently told POLITICO.

These groups are the latest group that promises to pour loads of cash into the race, and campaign finance laws prohibit PACs from coordinating with campaigns.

Food & Water Action, an environmental organization Confirmed Stringer in JanuaryPAC, recently established to support its campaign.

An independent spending committee supports former Obama and Bloomberg official Shaun Donovan received 2 million dollars from the candidate’s father and marked more than that, with plans to buy a $ 3 million TV commercial, according to data from AdImpact.

A PAC assisting Wall Street chief executive, Ray McGuire, raised $ 4 million and placed more than $ 1.6 million on TV and radio stations.



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