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The Renaissance Man of Pups

Dog magazine writer and editor, breeder, dog show exhibitor and judge, and generally respected dog specialist, Allan Reznik is a Renaissance Man
of the baby mouse.

Raised in Canada, the Allan family dog ​​was Beagle and later Standard Poodle. “We have a dog,” Allan explained. Surname [Allan’s parents] don’t believe in many dogs. “With this limited exposure as a child, people wondered where his passion for puppies came from. It turns out, as a young man, Allan was an avid reader and will religiously buy the Dog World monthly magazine. “I just inhale the content. It’s a wonderful fantasy world for me,” he admitted.

His passion grew with his knowledge of the subject and at the age of about 11 or 12, Allan persuaded his father to take him to a dog show. After being fired from his job, Allan was free to explore and meet many breeders he had read. His experience at dog shows from a young age is the key to bringing him into his many dog-themed career paths.

Photo: Courtesy of Allan Reznik

Combine two passions

At that first dog show, he was drawn to one Afghan Hound breeder. Allan described the Afghans as, “a powerful, athletic and primitive hunter, but very strange,” and admitted “being fascinated by this breed.” This initial response will evolve into the lifelong love of Afghans that includes possessing, breeding, displaying and winning with beautiful dogs.

An introduction to the Afghan breeder, who would become Allan’s first mentor, happened out of a desire to see her majestic animals. The breeder, an English woman, whom Allan describes as, “a quintessential dog woman with reasonable shoes”, noticed the young Allan observing from afar and decided to put him to work . Allan remembers she called him, “Young man, do me good!” before handing him the brush.

Allan is eager to fulfill his duty, and his mentor realizes that he is actually very helpful! The duo became a team at dog shows over a number of years-long weekends. Not only does she play an important role in Allan’s career path, but she is also the one helping him to share his knowledge and expertise. Allan recalled, “She saw I made a promise, loved dogs and loved sports.” One of the lessons he learned: “It is really important that we pay it forward.”

Allan majored in English with a major in Psychology. He found he could combine his two loves, writing and dog, by working with different dog publications in Canada and the US. He eventually became the editor-in-chief of Dog Fancy and Dog World before working on the prestigious dog show publication. The dogs are evaluated.

Although he loved his years with these various publications, as the editor of magazines focused on dog show, he couldn’t do any reviews. American Dog Club there is a provision that prohibits editors of this topic from judging due to any possible conflict of interest. In 2016 when The dogs are evaluated Folded back, Allan was free to apply for a judge’s license. He is currently a prestigious judge on a number of different dog breeds.

Allan Reznik

Allan evaluated a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at the Del Valle show. Photo: Callea Photos

Judgment life

Allan moved from Southern California to live on a 16-acre farm in northwest Arkansas with his animals. Currently, he has three dogs – a 12-year-old female dog in Afghanistan and two puppies Tibetan people, a male and a female (all retired champions) – as well as a male cat who spends his day doing his job as a successful rat, along with being his brothers. My beloved four-legged sisters.

Allan is anxiously returning to his life when judging dog shows and was upset that the 2020 shows were canceled due to the COVID pandemic. Allan confessed that the year 2020 had broken his heart and listed the number of experts at the exhibitions whose lives had been affected – breeders, professional dog caregivers, who grocer and grocer He mentioned many times throughout our talk how welcoming and wonderful people in the world of dog performances are.

It is clear that he cares deeply not only for dogs but also for humans.

Like other sports, dog shows are looking to make a comeback and Allan has prepared in advance changes that will take place to keep everyone safe.

There will be no spectators cheering for the winners as he is used to, and exposure will be limited and carried out behind the mask, proper distance and hand sanitization. Even so, Allan looks to the future, “It is an honor to visit other parts of the country, rate the dogs and see which breeders.
are in production. “

Allan was as busy as ever. He’s a freelance writer – you can read the same highlights as him, Like bytes, on this magazine. He continues to be very active in the world of dog performances. Allan cannot retire. When it comes to dog shows, “You’re not retiring,” explains Allan. “There are lots of people in their 70s, 80’s and even 90s who are still expressing and judging, generous with their knowledge.”

When our discussion ended, I asked Allan if there was something he wanted to do but couldn’t. After a moment of silence, Allan replied, “No. I was very lucky. Allan’s career focused on a passion for dogs that any dog ​​lover should be jealous of, the life of a Renaissance Man.

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