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The Russian singer Néva woke up from the coma and criticized it – Press Releases

Russian musician Surname published a new article on his Instagram profile shortly after waking up from his coma. He reported that he suddenly found himself in Russia shortly before the mobilization was announced and it “caused a wow effect“.

The singer had been in Thailand for the past few months. As stated in the Text below the photo October 24, 2022, the musician fell into a coma as a result of a motorcycle accident. Apparently, the injuries are no longer a threat to the artist’s health.

“I was blessed with many good people around me and received a lot of help” – Neva reports.

Next, the musician talks about wanting to take some time before releasing new music, and then turns to Russian-speaking subscribers (translated from Russian):
“I’ll try to be brief. I’m sure government officials are employees. Their employers are citizens (at least because they are taxpayers and owners of government property. Shareholders.)
Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this.

Easily analyze the productivity of your employees based on the tasks you set. At least before and after their appointments.

If you’re one of those people for whom “it used to be worse” – I’ll make that clear – you should measure the KPIs of recent, current operations. Not the ones that happened 10/100/1000 years ago.”

Surname is a DIY singer and producer from Russia.

He lives in St. Petersburg and creates music that combines different genres. From trap punch to alternative R&B tunes.

His official website: https://neva.singles/

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