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The shipper saves $ 63 million Series B dollars to compete with companies like Waresix in Indonesia

Shipper management group

Shipper, an Indonesian-based digital logistics service provider, today announced that it had received $ 63 million in Series B funding round, run by partners of DST Global and Sequoia Capital. India leads the way.

Existing investors Prosus Ventures, Floodgate, Lightspeed, Insignia Ventures, AC Ventures and Y Combinator also participated.

This round comes less than a year after Shipper lifts The amount was not disclosed in the Series A sponsorship in June.

According to a press release, the proceeds of this round will be used for recruiting, enhancing products and expanding its network.

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Launched in 2016, Shipper offers a suite of logistics solutions such as multi-courier transportation, distributed warehousing, and fulfillment networks for businesses of all sizes.

Besides, it also offers a multi-carrier API that allows sellers to manage orders, print shipping labels, and receive tracking information from multiple vendors on their phones.

Last year, Shipper said that their customers had noticed a spike in shipping due to an accelerated COVID-19, leading to an increase in their demand for services.

“We founded the company four years ago due to our individual difficulties in packaging and delivery as an online seller. Building Shipper, we always approach the issue from the perspective of a micro, small and medium business because that’s who we are. We are delighted to play our role in empowering this segment further and strengthening the nation’s logistics.
Budi Handoko, co-founder of Shipper.

E-commerce has always been a popular sector in Indonesia with significant growth since the introduction of COVID-19. Other players in the local market are Waresix, SiCepat, Kargo, Ritase and Logisly, among others.

Based on GlobalData, e-commerce sales were estimated to increase 37.4%, compared with the previous estimate COVID-19 was 22.2% in the same year.

Amid the crisis, many Southeast Asian logistics technology companies, such as the B2B logistics company Reasonable, Andalin, Mycloudfulfillment and Flash Express (both Thailand), and Send (Singapore), raise capital.

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