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The sixth episode of EastEnders was canceled at the last minute on the BBC schedule

EASTENDERS will not air an episode on Friday after the BBC’s schedule was scrambled at the last minute.

Soap is scheduled to air on a regular Friday night, however Live Six Nations Rugby will now air in its place.

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Mick won’t be able to show evidence next weekCredit: BBC

Instead, the series will air two episodes back on Thursday night.

Meanwhile next week, audiences will see Mick teach Frankie how to drive but disaster struck when the car broke down.

When Mick was penalized, Frankie was forced to think on his feet.

Their class time is interrupted again when Mick’s phone rings.

When Mick spoke to Tom, the Independent Advisor on Sexual Violence, he remarked that Frankie was not doing well.

Frankie will assist Mick in his fight for justice


Frankie will assist Mick in his fight for justiceCredit: BBC

After that, Mick confirmed that he did not want to talk to Tom anymore.

In Vic, it all started when Frankie was recognized by a few people from school who made annoying comments about Katy.

Mick supports them but Frankie is very sad not able to tell them that she is his daughter – and leaves.

Then, when Tim told Mick that other survivors had arrived, Mick started to panic and asked if the other men could give evidence on his behalf.

Linda tries to calm Mick down, but he announces that going to court is no chance.

EastEnders’ Stewart plots revenge against Katie for abusing Mick and hinted that he would hurt their daughter Frankie.

Will he change his mind?

Last month, Mick’s spectators finally gathered the courage to report Katy to the police after months of struggling to face the abuse.

Katy initially tried to get Mick to believe he imagined the abuse – and Frankie wasn’t his daughter – when she first arrived at the Square.

But Mick faced her abuser around the New Year’s period and forced her to admit the abuse.



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