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The story of Long Island teenagers about struggling to get through the college application process is published in Issue Of Time Magazine – CBS New York

ISLIP, NY (CBSNewYork) – The face of a Long Island teenager will hit newsstands nationwide next week.

Starting April 12, Twyla Joseph’s Islip Terrace will be on the cover of Time magazine. CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff spoke to a senior since Central Islip High School about a year passed by her.

From her volunteer work with a shrinking youth power organization, to her learning becoming virtual, Joseph is now an icon of her generation, enduring “Years of death cool, ”according to an article in the magazine. Her image is shown on the cover.

“It could be anyone on the cover. That’s not me. But no matter what it is it will still be the same thing. We lost a really important time in our lives, ”said Joseph.


Her story is representing high school students nationwide. The 17-year-old girl struggled for months because of her after-school work, her mother also had to spend all her college savings.

“I was unable to take my SAT and they were continuously canceled. Will I go to college? Will I have a job? Can I contact my guidance counselor? “Joseph said.

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With the guide hard to navigate and canceled college tours, uncertainty has taken over her dreams.

And also mental health.

“Don’t stay with your friends and just sit at home on your laptop and then go back to sleep every day. It makes you depressed. It makes you lonely and makes you feel unmotivated, ”Joseph said.

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Time correspondent Katie Reilly says students like Joseph, who are rethinking college, account for a record 13% drop in enrollment.

“Low-income and first-generation students have been disproportionately affected by that decline, so it is possible that those students who are losing university access right now are the ones who could benefit. the most from getting this, ”says Reilly.


The article concludes that applying to college has never been easy for most students. The Coronavirus The pandemic made it nearly impossible.

“The pandemic has damaged their parents’ job prospects, harmed their own job prospects, and their job prospects,” said Kendra Cornejo-Munoz of the Make the Road New York youth power project. The ability to afford a school has now become unattainable ”.

Years of loss won’t set Joseph off college, but she will stay close to home at a CUNY or SUNY school to save money. She says she hopes her story brings awareness.

“A lot of people in my community and in communities like mine, are now on a confused path, because they don’t have the resources that other students will have to go to college and get enough. affordability, ”she said.

She said it was a surprise when she landed on the cover, but it achieved a goal of making her mother proud.

Joseph said, “Being on the cover of Time when I was 17, I thought, ‘I made it.

Is a symbol of resilient youth.



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