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The test was reopened in the Netherlands, but experts opposed – Europe

An experiment aimed at reopening discos and concert halls in a controlled manner after a year of shutdown due to pandemic resumed last weekend in the Netherlands, while the government is considering shortening curfew in the hope of reopening a more decisive way to travel. May or June. The local media reported, making it clear that the decision on the relaxation of anti-Covid measures would be made tomorrow. The results do not appear to be clear, also because experts have warned of a seemingly not going downward contagion curve. But daylight saving time will begin soon, and even in the face of repeated protests, the government does not rule out circulation even after 9pm.
Meanwhile, 3,000 other people, after a similar test in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and four others in smaller locations, were able to go back to dance and have fun, making reservations through a special app. and undergo a tampon.
Biddinghuizen Village held the final test.
Unlike last time, the final test can be based on the CoronaCheck application, allowing you to display your personal details and the results of the test simultaneously via the Qr code. Festival participants are divided into three groups, which can be moved in a variety of ways (e.g. with or without a mask) and each of them is provided with a device for motion tracking, interlocking. their lost and distance.
As a result, the researchers promoted the experiment hoping to gain useful data to better understand the virus’s dynamics and how far one can go by avoiding it. And the government tries to ease the tension, especially among young people, who in some cases have resulted in violence.


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