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The US-Mexico border increases by 71% in the number of migrants crossing the border | Joe Biden News

New data shows 18,890 unaccompanied children arrived in the US in March, double the rate in February.

More than 172,000 migrants were arrested along the southern US border with Mexico in March, according to official records released Thursday, up 71 percent from February.

Based on data is released Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 569,879 migrants were arrested in the first three months of this year, more than in 2020, when 458,068 migrated to the United States.

The new numbers come as the Joe Biden administration is facing increasing pressure to tackle immigration along the US-Mexico border. Republican leaders accused Biden of creating the crisis by reversing the more restrictive border policies imposed by former President Donald Trump.

A migrant from Central America, who was expelled from the United States under Title 42 and sent back to Mexico with her son, is being tested for coronavirus at migrant shelter ‘Kiki Romero ‘, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico [Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters]

The new statistics have also sparked criticism of Biden’s decision to allow children to travel without a parent into the US. CBP statistics show 18,890 unaccompanied children were arrested in March, double the rate in February. Republican leaders say Biden policies have encouraged families to send their children alone on long and often dangerous trips.

“Joe Biden created this crisis,” Steve Scalise of House Republicans, who is leading a delegation of 10 members of the House of Representatives on a two-day tour to the southern border told Fox News on Monday. Year.

“Child abuse and neglect is happening – it’s not just trips lasting more than 20 days that some of these children are taking, in many cases 10 years old – more than a third of children The girl is being sexually assaulted or raped during the journey. , ”Scalise said.

Children inside a capsule at the Donna Department of Homeland Security detention, the primary unaccompanied child detention center in the Rio Grande Valley operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection operator, in Donna, Texas [File: Dario Lopez-Mills/Pool/AP Photo]

Temporary facilities set up in US border towns to accommodate immigrant children have also attracted scrutiny. Pictures appeared last month from a facility in Texas shows children imprisoned in crowded rooms and sleeping on thin cushions on the floor.

“Then they came to the United States and you saw how they were being treated: not provided with proper food and shelter, you know, placed next to someone [less than] six inches apart from COVID, ”Scalise said.

The Biden administration has pushed back at the criticism and its officials say it is important to implement “humanitarian” border policies and let the United States help resolve them. the root cause of the migration.

Most of the migrants appearing on the US border come from the so-called “Northern Triangle”: Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – three Central American countries that face poverty, gang violence and corruption corruption. The Biden administration says improving living conditions in these countries will reduce the likelihood of people leaving.

Biden is named Vice President Kamala Harris lead efforts to reduce arrivals and oversee economic development projects in those countries, committed 4 billion dollars for efforts.

US President Joe Biden’s Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle Ricardo Zuniga speaks at a press conference in San Salvador, El Salvador on April 7, 2021 [Jose Cabezas/Reuters]

The US special envoy for the Northern Triangle Ricardo Zuniga initiated a four-day diplomatic visit to Guatemala and El Salvador on Monday.

“We know our future is closely related,” Zuniga said Wednesday during a press conference in the El Salvador capital San Salvador.

“That is why our job, our endeavor is here to support our Central American partners and friends to facilitate living conditions so that Central American citizens can create the future. they are in Central America and not unusual immigration, ”he said.

On Tuesday, Harris call Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to discuss how Mexico and America can continue to cooperate on migration. So far, Lopez Obrador has strengthens his southern border to Guatemala to stop the flow. But the migrants continue to find ways to reach the US border, some with the help of human smugglers.



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