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The US Republican Party infrastructure provides a fraction of the Biden’s plan Infrastructure news

Senate Republicans propose a narrower and lower-cost alternative to the $ 2.3 trillion that Joe Biden hopes to spend.

A group of Republicans in the Senate on Thursday announced a proposal to build a public building at a much lower price and a narrower infrastructure definition than what President Joe Biden has. offer, highlighting the stark differences between the two sides that will hardly be narrowed in the coming months.

The Republican proposed price is $ 568 billion over five years, compared with the $ 2.3 trillion that Biden has been calling for in eight years.

To help pay for their plan, Republicans will rely on usage fees, which include the cost of buying electric cars and redirecting unused federal dollars. The outline did not give specifics, such as what federal programs would lose unspent money on infrastructure. Biden has offer increase corporate income tax from 21 percent to 28 percent to help pay for his plan, a move that Republican senators have dismissed.

Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito told reporters: “This is the largest infrastructure investment the Republicans have made. “This is a powerful package.”

Republican lawmakers were quick criticize infrastructure proposal from Biden. Only a small portion of the spending will be spent on traditional infrastructure, they said. Biden’s plan to spend $ 400 billion to expand Medicaid support to caregivers, and a significant portion will fund electric vehicle charging stations and address the racial injustice of highways. built in a way that was devastating for the Black neighborhoods.

The Republican plan will spend $ 299 billion on bridges and roads, $ 65 billion on broadband internet, and $ 61 billion on transit. Another major fare item: $ 44 billion for airports. The plan missed is for Biden to focus on electric vehicle charging stations and assist caregivers. Senators delivered their blueprint to the White House about 30 minutes before holding a press conference about it.

Republican Senator Roger Wicker said: “We consider part of the presidential plan that most Americans agree to be the hard infrastructure, in fact, we try to reach and we think we have a very good number here, ”said Republican Senator Roger Wicker.

The President said from the start that he would welcome any goodwill attempt to find common ground, because the only unacceptable step would be inaction, ”White House news secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Thursday. “We look forward to reviewing the details of the proposal,” she said, adding “I hope you all should expect the president to invite members to the White House” as soon as he gave his speech. Schedule first at a joint session of the Congress next week.

Republicans earlier this year also launched one against suggestion for Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout plan. Their price tag was about a third of what the president wanted, and he soon declared that it wasn’t enough. The Democrats themselves went ahead and passed the bailout bill without the support of any GOP legislator.

Room for compromise?

Biden is spending more time listening to Republicans and expressing a willingness to consider their ideas, but the end result may be the same. Democrats are intending to pass a major infrastructure build-up this year and could use the budget adjustment process to overcome GOP opposition.

Roger Wicker speaks at a press conference introducing the Republican infrastructure plan, at the US Capitol, April 22, 2021 [Erin Scott/Reuters]

Capito said she is optimistic that a compromise can be found this time.

“I’ve read this very carefully,” she said. “I feel like the White House and other state partners want to try to reach a tough, consensus infrastructure bill.”



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