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The widespread security flaws during the US Capitol riots remain: Report | Donald Trump News

An internal US Capitol Police report describes the multitude of mistakes that prevented the force from being prepared for January 6 uprising – riot shields that shatter on impact, weapons out of use, inadequate training, and an intelligence department with few standards set.

The watchdog’s report released internally last month, obtained by the Associated Press prior to Thursday’s congressional hearing, adds to what is already known about security flaws and broader intelligence which Congress has been investigating since hundreds Supporters of President Donald Trump at that time laid siege to the Capitol.

In an extensive and detailed timeline of that day, the report describes conversations between officials as they disagree over whether the National Guard is needed to support the Police force. Capitol lacks manpower or not. It quoted an Army official telling then Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund that “we didn’t like the National Guard’s optics lined up on the Capitol” after the rebels broke in.

A man holds a Bible as Trump supporters gather outside the Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021[File: John Minchillo/AP Photo]

Inspector General Michael A Bolton noticed that shortcomings of the department was – and still is – popular. Equipment is old and poorly maintained, leaders have failed to follow previous recommendations to improve intelligence and lacked many of the existing policies or procedures for the Civil Disrupt Unit, A department exists to ensure that the legislative functions of Congress are not interrupted. by civil unrest or protest activity.

That’s exactly what happened on January 6 when Trump supporters seek to turn the election upside down support him when the National Assembly counts votes of the Electoral College.

The report comes as the Capitol Police are demoralized and approaching crisis as more officers are forced to work overtime and forced overtime to protect the Capitol following the uprising. Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman received a no-confidence vote from the union in February, reflecting widespread distrust in ranks and records.

The entire force is also grieving the deaths of two of them – Officer Brian Sicknick, who collapsed and died after fighting protesters on January 6, and Officer William “Billy “Evans, who was killed on April 2 when he was hit by a bullet the car crashes into an obstacle outside the Senate.

Evans in honor at Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday.

The Capitol Police have so far declined to make the report publicly available – marked as “law-enforcement sensitive” – ​​despite congressional pressure to do so. House Administrative Committee Chair Zoe Lofgren, a representative from California, released a statement in March that she was briefed on the report, along with another internal document and it contained ” detailed and disturbing findings and important recommendations ”. Bolton is expected to testify in front of her council on Thursday.

Report focused heavily on equipment and training breakdown on January 6 when the Capitol Police were quickly overwhelmed by around 800 Trump supporters people rushed past them, hit them and broke windows and doors to enter the building.

It also looks at intelligence missing when rebels plan attacks publicly on the network and when various agencies send out incorrectly disseminated warnings.

Bolton found that in many cases part equipment had expired but had not been replaced and that some were more than 20 years old. The riot shields shattered on impact as officers against the violent mob were improperly stored, Bolton noticed. Some of the weapons that can shoot tear gas are so old that the officers are not comfortable using them.

Other weapons that could do more to disperse the crowd were never held before the rally, and those ordered to take spare supplies for frontline officers could not get past the crowd. aggressive.

In other cases, weapons were not used because of “leadership orders,” the report said. Those weapons – called “Less lethal” because they are designed to disperse, not kill people – possibly allowing police to better repel rioters as they move towards the building, according to the report.

Regarding the Civil Disrupt Unit, the report states that there is a complete lack of policy and procedure, and many officers are reluctant to join the unit. There were not enough instructions on when to activate a unit, how to supply equipment, what tactics to use, or to arrange a command structure. Some policies have not been updated in more than a decade and there is no solid list of who is even within the department.

Tear gas was thrown into crowds of protesters during clash with Capitol power police at a rally to block 2020 certification at the US Congressional Building in Washington, USA, Jan. 6, 2021 [File: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters]

The unit is at a “reduced readiness and readiness level” because there is no equipment standard, the report said.

Bolton also launched many missed intelligence signals – including a report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security in December that relayed messages posted on support forums. trumpet appears to be scheduled for January 6th. Part of that document includes a map of the Capitol tunnels that someone has posted. “Take notes,” the notice said.

The report examines a missed memo from the FBI in which online activists predicted a “war” on January 6 – Sund told Senate investigators last month that he never seen it. Bolton also detailed the force’s internal reports, which he said were inconsistent.

A Capitol Police report predicted that protesters could become violent, but Sund testified in front of the Senate in February that internal assessments had said violence was “impossible” .

The view of the Capitol of the United States as the sun sets before the 59th inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in Washington, DC on January 19, 2021, are heavily guarded by the US military [FIle: Angela Weiss/AFP]

On intelligence, Bolton said, there is a lack of adequate training and guidance to disseminate within the ministry. There is no policy or procedure for gathering open source data – such as gathering information from online Trump forums – and analysts “may not be aware of appropriate methods for advancement. operating open source intelligence ”.

The timeline attached to the report provides a more detailed view of the Capitol Police’s movements, commands and conversations as that day unfolds, and they scramble to move staff and equipment to multiple fronts where people broke in.

The Pentagon finally approved the Security Force presence, and the Guard members arrived hours after the Capitol was raided.

While they’re waiting, Sund also has a phone conference with Vice President Mike Pence, the timeline is displayed. Pence was in a safe position in the Capitol because he oversaw the vote count, and some rioters called for him to be hanged because he said he would not try to overturn the General’s election victory. Governor Joe Biden.



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