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The Yankees don’t look like many competitors – CBS New York

(CBSNewYork) – It is still too early to make any predictions based on early-season performance. There are still a lot of baseball games left to play and the teams are still perfecting. But if the season so far is any indication, then the New York Yankees, America’s league favorites, has some serious work to do. However, Oakland A’s did find a way to win. The Yankees have hit the worst AL-5-10 record to date, while Team A is one of the hottest teams in baseball.

This week’s baseball report looks at the Yankees’ horrifying start, Team A’s eight-win streak (after a horrifying start of their own) and Marcus Stroman’s stunning backstage play on a sharp ground. mound again.

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The Yankees did not look like the competition was expected

The Tampa Bay Line sweeping Yankees at home in a three-game weekend streak extending their losing streak to five and dropping their early season streak down to 5-10. This is the group’s first time joining AL since 1968.

The Yankees wasted another debut from Gerrit Cole to lose, 4-2 and look lifeless in front of the plate and on the pitch. Aaron Judge shot three times and was four for his last match. 28. Giancarlo Stanton scored a home goal in the second half, but he was only 3 in the last match. More than 10,000 fans booed them off the pitch after the final.

The team’s strike average dropped to 0.10, just one point higher than the Cleveland Indians, the team with the worst average in AL. That was also their worst average in their first 15 games since 1968. The slugger-filled Yankees’ strike performance was a pathetic .210 / .296 / .346, with just 15 home runs in 16 battle. They had 139 hits, the worst ever in their first 15 games.

Such poor performance of such a highly anticipated team may raise questions about the job security of the manager and the coach. general manager Brian Cashman It was recently confirmed that Aaron Boone and Marcus Thames are not in any danger.

“I trust the people we have,” Cashman said. “I’ve seen them do a lot of magic along the way… We didn’t react. “I don’t see how we react because I don’t trust the staff we have, and the players we have.”

The Yankees will look to return in the winning column on Tuesday night, when they host the Atlanta Braves.

A’s won 8 in a row

Player A was more successful than the Yankees after another victory extended their streak to eight. But they need help with implementation scan four games by the Detroit Tigers this weekend. A strike in the ball allowed Matt Olson to score the winning streak with two out moves in the ninth half.

A’s championship streak, the best in the US league, also included one winning pair against the Arizona Diamondbacks and another against the Houston Astros. And it came after they opened the season with six consecutive defeats. In that prologue, they dropped more than eight runs per game. In the winning streak, they allowed under three runs per match.

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Lots of credit for turnaround goes to start recording. They set a 5-0 record and ERA 3.48 throughout the series. Olson and Matt Chapman also found their bats. Olson had 3 home visits and 7 RBIs in that span while raising his average to 0.289. Chapman has a pair of home runners and 7 RBIs.

Player A will need to do a little better in the group stage as a team if they want to take the lead at AL West. They are currently at a very small 0.216, with a baseline of 0.309 and a slippage of 0.382. Second player Jed Lowrie reached 0.333, followed by Olson and then left midfielder Mark Canha with 0.271. But no other player has shown any stability at disc so far.

Team A will try to continue Tuesday’s streak with a double against the Minnesota Twins.

Marcus Stroman Wows With The Glove

New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman shot a run on Sunday in eight innings to beat the Colorado Rockies. He doesn’t allow a runner to pass first base in the first six innings. While it was an impressive performance at Coors Field, even if the Rockies were the worst team in baseball, that wasn’t what drew all the attention.

Stroman has discarded what could be play defensively of the year to date. At the end of the eighth half, with a score of 3-2, the player on the right threw a strong ground ball behind his back while backing towards the third base. Then he makes an unbalanced pitch to the first base, the pitch still coming in front of the pitcher.

“To be honest, it’s all just a reaction,” Stroman said. “I work in the weight room to keep my sport and when I’m out there, I just let it go.”

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Stroman, who has the Golden Gloves, kicked off the season vigorously. The Mets pitcher had an ERA of 0.90 over 20 innings and a 3-0 record.



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