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The Yoni Circle app is revolutionizing the way women connect

Ffixes intermittent Wi-Fi interruptions while trying to work remotely and unavoidably Daily drag to scroll through bad news need to face chronic illness Zoom is tired and bodily disturbances The fundamental problem that forces us to suffer, a very clear fact about this pandemic year is that it has given way to a complex relationship at best with technology. Of course, technology poses a number of challenges (including but not limited to the examples mentioned above), but in spite of this, it does too. stand to help us facilitate connection—What matters in time is marked by increased loneliness and stress. And Yoni circleA healthcare social app is leading the way in changing the way we connect, even after the pandemic ends.

Founder and CEO Chloë Drimal has started using Yoni Circle to create a virtual space where women can use storytelling as a tool for healing, empowerment, and outstanding connectivity. The goal is “to create a real social media platform that heals and connects you with storytelling that makes you feel more comfortable after using it, less lonely and more connected to yourself,” Drimal. to speak. The Yoni Circle app launched in April 2020, and since then its reach has grown to connect people in 1,000 cities in 83 countries.

Here’s how it works: Women can subscribe to the Yoni Circle – an hour-long secret chat with up to six women led by a trained operator – via the app. When joining a circles, all registered participants will wait a few minutes in the chat room and join an icebreaker made of roses, buds, and thorns. The rose represents the highlight of the day, the thorns are the challenge and the buds are what you have been looking for. This chat room section is a warm-up space to help participants get to know each other before the video session begins.

After a few minutes, everyone was brought to a meeting room conducive to providing an uplifting and vigorous atmosphere. [Read, it is not and—more crucially—doesn’t feel like Zoom.] “If you match what someone is saying, there will be a snapshot icon. We do [virtual] Drimal said. The moderator asks everyone to introduce themselves to other participants and then lead the group into a meditation session.

When the storytelling begins, each person will have a few minutes to share their story focusing on one main topic. For example, in the Yoni Circles I join, the topic is insecurity. Participants were asked to structure their story with the introduction, the middle, and the end. After storytelling, people in Yoni Circles share what they’ve learned or patterns they noticed in stories. “The goal is to get you out of head space and into that heart space.” Drimal said.

“Yoni Circle is important for women’s mental health, helping them break out of their walls, meet new people and allow themselves to embark on a mental health healing journey. “. —Chloe Drimal, founder and CEO of Yoni Circle

Another goal? To help you build connections, it’s crucial in this isolated pandemic scene. “As you become more consistent in the community, you start to see familiar faces and [make] close acquaintances, ”said Drimal. She hopes to continue to expand the geographic reach of Yoni Circle while building the app’s features for connectivity and healing to be inclusive and accessible to everyone. “We will continue to develop features for easier access, [explore] How can we as individuals use storytelling as a means of healing and connecting, as well as discovering the core of the experience, are the narrative circles, ”she said.

In an era of pandemic where isolation has become so ubiquitous, the Yoni Circle app could not have launched at a better time and has become a space for people to foster connection and socialize safely full. “A lot of women on our platform have lost their jobs and are trapped in their homes,” Drimal said. “Yoni Circle is very important to women’s mental health, helping them escape their walls, meet new people and allow themselves to embark on a mental health healing journey.” To be sure, the tools that support those benefits will also be valid long after a pandemic ends.

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