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Therabody has a PowerDot muscle pain reliever

Therabody expanded touch services with the acquisition of PowerDot, a muscle-stimulating device for temporary relief of muscle pain. PowerDot uses electro-neuromuscular stimulation (NMES) and transdermal electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to send electronic pulses that induce muscle contractions that increase blood flow for temporary pain relief.

“PowerDot’s integration of clinical technology complements and further expands our product line, making innovative, natural alternatives to traditional medicine available to everyone,” said Benjamin Nazarian. Therabody’s CEO, said in one Press Release. “PowerDot’s technology outperformed the competition and changed the way consumers manage pain and optimize resilience.”

Shop now: PowerDot 2.0, $ 199

FDA-approved Class II medical grade device is app controlled, guides you in location and intensity based on your needs. You can use it at home, at the gym and anywhere. NMES and TENS have long been used as alternatives to over-the-counter pain relief. Studies have shown that NMES is effective for everything from management complications due to decreased participation in exercise in the elderly come decrease muscle mass loss in critically ill patients. TENS has been used for pain-related control period cramps, migraine headache, and more.

PowerDot is intended to relieve muscle pain, speed up muscle recovery and improve muscle performance. Just place the included electrode pads on your body and use the app to guide your usage. The gaskets are sticky to help keep them in place, but the adhesive is lost. The gaskets will need to be replaced after every 25 to 30 uses. A costs a set of electrode pads $ 18, with package pricing available for larger purchases.

Available in red and black, you can get the PowerDot that best suits your aesthetic. Additionally, both colors are available for purchase as a single device ($ 199) or one set of two ($ 349). This means you can always have a charge and be ready to go if your other device dies when you need it. And when buying in sets, you save 50 dollars. You can also get PowerDot Pro package ($ 424) including two PowerDots, additional electrode pads and butterfly-shaped electrode pads for wide-area lower back pain.

Theragun, founded in 2008, was rebranded to Therabody in 2020 to better demonstrate its diverse product offerings. PowerDot joins Therabody’s line of regenerative aids, incl Mechanical roller vibrates, Compressed air compressor RecoveryAir, TheraOne’s CDB product, and Theragun percussion device.

Theragun Prime

Shop: Theragun Prime, $ 299

Theragun continues to dominate the percussion device market. It sells four variations of Theragun, including the above Theragun Prime ($ 299) and Theragun Mini ($ 199), like PowerDot, lets you carry your recovery tools with you with ease.

Eric Glader, CEO of PowerDot said: “I couldn’t be happier working with Therabody as we make electrical stimulation more widely attainable,” said Eric Glader, CEO of PowerDot. . Press Release. “Our sole focus is on helping people feel better and empowering them to continue towards their best. There’s still a lot to do in the healthcare sector and Therabody’s innovation, scale and reach will help develop PowerDot. “

Learn how to use Theragun here:

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