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There is more money to be made in stocks today than ETFs – this is why


There is a wider than usual dispersion in the returns of individual stocks as the market matures. See full story.

‘Employers can freely bomb workers with a message of anxiety and uncertainty’: After Amazon workers beat the union – is collective bargaining over?

“The balance of the labor law is in favor of employers,” said Rebecca Kolins Givan, associate professor at the Rutgers School of Management and Industrial Relations. See full story.

Dividend shares are no longer popular, but here are 19 things Wall Street loves

They have a dividend yield of 3.50% or more, and the majority of them have a “buy” rating set by analysts. See full story.

Bitcoin bull Novogratz says the US faces an ‘existential crisis’ if it fails to make a digital dollar anytime soon

Wealthy investor Mike Novogratz says the United States has its fate in its own hands but will face a serious competitive disadvantage if the country doesn’t launch a digital dollar soon. See full story.

Think you can count on the 4% rule in retirement? Think.

The future probably won’t be like the past See full story.


The courtyards are being converted and the walls are being repainted with the latest colors, but safety and need concerns could make the remodeling process much longer. See full story.



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