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There is more money to be made in stocks today than ETFs – this is why


There is a wider than usual dispersion in the returns of individual stocks as the market matures. See full story.

The stock’s short-term signal is bullish, but Peter Lynch’s long-term investment advice still applies

Legendary fund manager says buy what you know and what’s important in this fun-trigger market. See full story.

China’s crackdown on bitcoin contradicts Peter Thiel’s belief that it is a ‘financial weapon’ against the US

Thiel’s previous statements about bitcoin, coupled with China’s overall policy on cryptocurrencies, seem to contradict his most recent analysis. See full story.

The White House pushed back the travel industry’s attempt to restart in July, when Florida sued the Biden administration

The White House on Thursday backed the CDC as that agency cut off with travel operators wanting OK to restart trips in July. See full story.

‘Prayer enough. Time for some action ‘: Biden announces the gun control steps

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced actions to curb gun violence, calling it an epidemic “to stop.” See full story.


‘We really have nothing in our savings and no plans for retirement, given the fact that no one but me seems to care. At this rate, I will have to work until I am 150 years old. ” See full story.



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