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There’s Cts’s in Franceschini, the show will try again – Culture & Entertainment

Movie theaters, theaters, concerts, museums. After the wrong start on March 27, we’ll try again from April 26. And this time with a bigger number, up to 500 people indoors, one thousand outdoors. With the ability to allow zones that allow for major concerts or cultural events, as long as they are safe, it is possible to count on the same numbers that could be allowed for sports. It was dark and Prime Minister Draghi was able to speak for a while when the Scientific Technical Committee had fully accepted the requests of Culture Minister Franceschini two days ago. With the green light on to double the capacity and also a hint of the possibility, in the case of improved epidemiological conditions, to overcome these new difficulties by exceeding 50% just reached OK.

Satisfied, the Pd minister sent a signal to the protesters who will gather tomorrow at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome to be called for by the Bauli movement. “I thank everyone who will be in the square, the messages coming from the world of the show business people are very helpful,” he stressed from a kermesse’s stage of the Party culture. Democracy organized today. So we tried again, aware that it was a beginning, a signal in the hope of better times. A warm thanks coming from the music industry to the CEO of Fimi Enzo Mazza, who spoke of a “result that is more important, above all because it also provides for surpassing target limits. standards on the basis of specific situations and protocols “. And Assomusica president Vincenzo Spera – who was very critical a few days ago – today applauded: “We are confident that this first step will see a progressive expansion towards more suitable forms. for the places where the concerts will be held, “he wrote. Although he emphasized the need for a path of progress that will soon lead to work that is “safer but also economically more sustainable”. For cinema, Mario Lorini, president of exhibitors (Anec), talks about “a first step, a signal” for the field. Although sure, he also emphasized, “in these terms, we cannot talk about a reboot. To restart the market, we need more”.

In fact, it was still a beginning, the representatives of the cinemas admitted, “if this would be the beginning of a path, marked by new days and new openings, we would see”. However, many people still stay at the windows, waiting for things to be clarified a little more. Stomach pain, dissatisfaction, bad mood, very much. Also because the requirements and protocols developed by the catalog in recent weeks include more and more. Starting from different criteria to fix the capacity of the rooms, there are no equal numbers for all. “Every place is different,” repeats everyone, from theater to opera and cinema. “The Arena of Verona cannot be equal to a theater in Catania”. There is a stinging point of discontinuing food and beverage businesses that still exist and add further burdens to businesses. And there have been requests to open doors in orange areas, to allow the flow of the public from one area to another. Not forgetting that out of the limits that are still open to everyone, there is a curfew obstacle, confirmed at 10pm. A further and certainly no small stake in cinemas, theaters, concerts, imposing practically scheduled late evening programs, at 19, 19:30. In short, if not unimaginable, it is very difficult for the most important movies, good titles that have been on the bench for months, reach theaters. “The market restarts under different conditions,” repeated Lorini.

Meanwhile, Franceschini scored the first point, persuaded to move forward by dragging the field he represented with her. In the next decree, it will aim to include the opening of the museums (which can only reopen Monday through Friday) also on the weekends. “I am not your partner,” he repeated today to the workers of the show in excitement, as he said a few days ago to the people in the Globe theater.

“I am with you, your representative in organizations”. The country hopes so, the minister knows: “We all need a summer with squares and streets full of entertainment, music, dance and prose.”



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