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These 10 apps can save you valuable time running your business

March 24, 2021

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Disclosure: Our goal is to highlight products and services that we think you will find interesting and useful. If you buy them, Entrepreneurs may receive a small portion of the sales revenue from our trading partners.

Entrepreneurs know Time is moneySo anything you can do to save time is absolutely essential. Fortunately, Technology is subject to the mission.

We have rounded up 10 of the best application that can save you time (and money) while running your business. Plus, all get an additional 30% off our semi-annual discount when you use the coupon code DOWNLOAD at checkout.

1. Automatically save Meet the recordings.

This popular product is especially suitable for the age of remote work. The Chrome extension automatically saves the Google Meet live subtitles so you can focus on the meeting while the note-taking app is for you. It even features bookmark and timestamp to enhance your automatic note taking.

OK CaptionSaver Pro for $ 17.50 ($ 49 sign up) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

2. Never forget your password.

There are much less frustration and derailment than forgetting your password and getting locked out of your account. Sticky Password secures all your passwords in an encrypted vault and forms autocomplete for you whenever you need it. There is no need to write down passwords on Post-it notes.

OK Sticky Password Premium for $ 21.00 (Reg. $ 199) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

3. Enhance photos with AI.

Streamline your design and marketing processes with Movavi Picverse. This AI-enhanced photo editor lets you easily batch edit professional-level photos, enhance focus, background removal and more. You can even apply 100 effects and filters with just one drop.

OK Movavi Picverse for $ 21.00 (Reg. $ 59) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

4. Create stunning slides with this presentation background.

Great design can help turn leads into customers, and that’s exactly why Sizle was created. This sales accelerator lets you create, share, and track high-converting presentations in just a few clicks. With featured presentations, you’ll be able to convert more leads, gain a better understanding of audience engagement, and more without the complexity of a large CRM.

OK Professional to you for $ 21.00 (Reg. $ 600) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

5. Listen to your documents, emails, newsletters.

True entrepreneurs know how to multitask. But geniuses really manage to read important documents while still preparing for an upcoming project. Elocance can read aloud almost any text from emails, text files or even newsletters so you can listen to the documents you have to read while still having your hands free doing other things.

OK Elocance for $ 24.49 ($ 434 sign up) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

6. Easily create marketing copy.

With 4.9 out of 5 stars on AppSumo, Writesonic is one of the best advertising assistants on the planet. Is built in Writesonic GPT-3 technology analyzes your input to create compelling landing pages, advertisements, product descriptions, and more in seconds. It’s like having a full-time copywriter who practically costs nothing and works at lightning speed.

OK Writesonic for $ 49.00 (Reg. $ 5,340) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

7. Translate text, voice, image, web page and documents instantly.

Meet the ultimate translator app. LingvaNex Translator works on text, voice, images, web pages and documents to instantly translate into more than 112 languages. Whether you are doing or to travel abroad, LingvaNex Translator will be a huge benefit.

OK LingvaNex translator for $ 56.00 (Reg. $ 399) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

8. Implementation staff easier.

As your business starts to grow, it’s hard to share knowledge between new teams and team members. Learning Management Systems (LSMs) often provide messy, different experiences, which is why Coassemble was created. This online training tool connects your people with the information they need anytime, anywhere. From training courses to tracking progress and everything involved, Coassemble is a great tool for founders, HR teams, etc.

OK Co-assembly for $ 63.00 ($ 2,388 sign up) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

9. Backup and organize files.

When you’re working with a large amount of assets, you need enterprise-grade cloud storage. Unfortunately, that can cost your business thousands of dollars. Starchive is trusted by Bob Dylan, Volvo, New York Philharmonic and more as an enterprise-grade digital asset management (DAM) solution that won’t cost you your arms and legs.

OK Starchive for $ 67.90 ($ 1,530 sign up) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

10. Organize your schedule and to-do list.

Focuster aims to make you more productive, especially from home. Platform special tasks, automatically organize them into your calendar, and more. With integration with Zapier and beyond, the platform streamlines all of your workflows.

OK Focus for $ 41.30 ($ 480 sign up) with promo code DOWNLOADIT.

Prices are subject to change. Some exclusions apply to promotional codes.



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