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“These Minnesotans didn’t know they challenged the election until months later.”


The legal story regarding failed attempts to undo the 2020 election has captured a recent unusual new chapter in Ramsey County.

For more than three months, at least one of a number of lawsuits against the Minnesota electoral outcome has been named citizens not knowing they have been appointed plaintiffs in the case.

Ramsey County Judge Leonardo Castro slapped Minneapolis attorney Susan Shogren Smith with a $ 10,000 fine after concluding that she “defamed” three Twin Cities voters as part of a failed lawsuit.

According to testimony at a virtual hearing last month, plaintiff Corinne Braun described how shocked she looked for her name in the court records database only to find she was part of a lawsuit against Secretary of State Steve Simon and US Congressman Ilhan Omar. “All of these I don’t want to do anything,” Braun said.

The lawsuit was one of many cases filed by Smith on behalf of the Minnesota Electoral Integrity Group, a group that was assembled after an election. Smith filed lawsuits against Simon and members of the Democrats in Congress.

Smith’s lawsuits claim “innumerable anomalies” in the election but do not present widespread evidence of fraud and do not appeal to court cases. No state or federal court that challenged the 2020 election results has presented such evidence. US intelligence, federal and election law enforcement officials verified the integrity of the ballot.



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