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They announce the first Apple Event of 2021, where they’ll introduce the new iPad, we show you how to watch it live

Apple is expected to reveal the new generation of iPads and AirPods, as well as the long-awaited AirTags, iOS 14.5 system update, and news for Apple TV.

April 14, 2021

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apple fans couldn’t help but be excited when the technology giant announced it the first special event of the year 2021 . They are expected to introduce new products, including updated versions of iPad and AirPods , as well as rumors AirTags and other surprises.

Siri be the first to reveal details about ‘Spring Loaded’ event . Days before the official announcement, Apple’s smart assistant was able to provide date data if asked “Siri, when is the next Apple event?” , as detected by the MacRumors port.

First person Apple events will is held virtual on April 20. Tim Cook , The company’s CEO, will host the event from Apple Park, the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

What releases will we see at Apple’s event?

The mysterious invitation was sent to the specialized media that announced that “Novelty of all colors” is coming .

The apple phrase and pattern are created with ‘finger tips’ lines (an icon activated as hashflag on Twitter), will be the clue for the launch of new versions of their iPad tablets, usually updated these days.

Photos via Apple.

It will be one iPad Pro for the first time to incorporate a display with a super bright mini LED technology. This will have the A14X Bionic processor, with nearly the same performance as the Mac M1, a better camera, and a Thunderbolt port, according to Bloomberg. We might also see a new one Small iPad , with smaller bezels and larger screen.

In addition, the company is expected to launch a new generation of AirPods 3 The headset has a design that closely resembles the high-end AirPods Pro, supports spatial audio and touch controls.

Another surprise could be the launch of the rumor Apple AirTags , smart card to track the exact position of passed objects Iphone phone application.

Rumors suggest interesting updates to Apple TV will also be revealed. According to experts, it will now have a new remote, a more powerful processor, and compatibility with a 120 Hz display (that is, an HDMI 2.1 port).

It is speculated that apple will dedicate part of the presentation for iOS 14.5 , the next version of Iphone phone operating system. This will include a number Controversial privacy features to prevent advertisers like Google or Facebook from collecting commercial activity data, unless expressly authorized by the user.

What we will continue to wait for

It’s time to renew, though Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air It’s still unclear if the update will be presented next week.

It was also leaked that Apple is developing other smart gadgets, such as virtual / augmented reality glasses and headphones with mixed reality technology But chances are we won’t see them in this presentation.

Traditionally, new iPhone models will be released until after the summer.

The appointment to see the first Apple Event of 2021 is this Tuesday, April 20 at 12:00 pm (Central Mexico time), on Apple’s official website . In addition, live streaming will be enabled from the company’s YouTube channel.

There, we’ll see if all the speculations and leaks are true.



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