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Things to Know About Using Sugar Wax at Home

TThis is not the “perfect” hair removal method. Waxing very painful, shaving leaves you with a beard and evolution, and lasers usually cost as high as upfront for an apartment in New York City (not to mention it still ineffective on all skin tones). No matter how you slice it, if you want smooth, hairless skin, the most common methods force you to endure for it. But according to experts, one method you can try at home near “perfect” is waxing and it comes in the form of sugar wax. Keep reading to learn more about what sugar hair removal is and why experts advise against trying your own homemade sugar wax recipes.

What is sugar wax?

“Sugaring wax is a natural wax made from three simple ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice,” Salome Sallehy, Founder and President of Sugar Sugar Wax. Despite the simple ingredients, the process of mixing them together can vary greatly, which is why experts recommend using pre-made recipes instead of trying to make it yourself.

Old-style sugar wax has a liquid, honey-like appearance (similar to traditional wax), but the newer, more elegant formula is denser and “hard wax”, and can be peeled off without the use of it. a strip of paper. “This sugary wax is hand-applied and the formula glues well enough to be taken out and reused,” Sallehy said. “This application is more gentle on the skin and is more effective at removing hair in a way that does not damage the hair follicles.”

The benefits of sugar hair removal

When it comes to choosing a hair removal method, you are often faced with a “stunned” situation where you have to choose between cutting and ingrown hairs (shaving), pain and damaged skin ( hair removal) or cost thousands of dollars. (lasers). “With sugar, you don’t have any of those challenges,” says Sallehy. Here are some of the benefits:

1. No pain

The biggest test of sugar hair removal in the “professional” column comes from the fact that, unlike other hair removal methods, it is relatively painless for hair removal. “Sugar and citric acid from lemon juice form a bond that adheres to dead skin and hair, so it doesn’t pull in living skin cells,” Sallehy said. This makes it painless and gentle on the skin, meaning there is no reaction or irritation like you get from traditional hair removal. “Use on sensitive skin is fine too, so if you can’t use traditional waxes, sugar wax is a solid alternative.”

2. Good for the skin

In addition to the fact that it is non-irritating, sugar wax also has the skin-friendly benefit of gentle exfoliating. “Whether you’re using it on the face or body, this mechanism makes suga a great exfoliant, which is why you don’t have ingrown hairs against sugaring,” says Sallehy. Sugar is known to be one of the least abrasive of physical exfoliants and will keep your skin smooth and hairless for weeks after treatment.

3. Lasts up to 8 weeks

Because the sugar wax is removed in the same direction that your hair grows (as opposed to the regular wax, which is split in the opposite direction), experts suggest that the hair is intentionally grown more slowly. “This method results in 10% less hair loss, resulting in an average regrowth time of six to eight weeks,” says Sallehy. With gentle care, hair will grow back to be smoother and thinner, and over time, some strands will not regrow. Another perk: You don’t have to wait for the hair to grow for effective sugar waxing, so there’s no need to deal with awkward peach fluff in midweek.

Why shouldn’t you make your own homemade sugar wax recipe

Just because there are so many homemade sugar wax recipes on the Internet doesn’t mean any of them are worth using. “I’ve seen hundreds of homemade sugar recipes online and know what I know about what is needed to make the recipe work, I can tell you they’re completely different,” says Sallehy. “If you’re going to make your own beeswax at home, you’ll probably get the honey-like consistency you’ll need strips and planing, so you probably won’t see all the benefits and it. will be much more like hair removal at home. “And as Amber Johnson, a California esthetician known by the nickname” Skin Whisperer “said,” mMy it at home is a disaster. ” So let the product recipe give advantage and choose something like Sugar Sugar Wax Glow Goop ($ 36) to get the job done.

How to use sugar wax

1. Warm the wax

Before applying wax to your skin, you need to make sure it is at the right temperature for optimum effect. “When you heat it up a little, you want it to be soft enough that you can dip it in and take out a lump,” says Sallehy. “A lot of people may overheat it thinking the consistency is supposed to look like traditional wax, but if you can stick your finger in the jar it’s warm enough.” Keep in mind that it gets warmer every time you dip it in the jar, so a little stiff at the beginning of the wax is a must.

2. Make sure the area you are waxing is completely dry

Because the sugar wax is water-soluble, if there is any moisture in the area you’re trying to put on, it won’t stick. “The skin’s natural response to hair removal is to start sweating,” says Sallehy. After you’ve dried your skin with a towel, apply baby powder or something similar to allow the skin to dry completely during the procedure.

3. Try the “triple pull technique”

When it’s time to actually wax, you’ll want to apply the product to your skin and do the triple pull technique, which Sallehy calls the “key to success”. “When you apply sugary wax, pull it against the direction of the hair growth and walk over the same area three times before you quickly pull it out. [in the direction of the hair growth], ”Said Sallehy. Johnson adds that it’s “all about the snap,” so you may need practice a few times to get it right. And if the hair doesn’t fall out in one swipe? Don’t worry – since the wax is so gentle, you can just apply it as many times as you want until it’s smooth and hairless.

For more inspiration on home hair removal, check out the video below.

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