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This Airbnb in Tasmania is the perfect escape route

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we look forward to meditating on some of World of Wanderlust’s most romantic trips around Australia. For those of us who cannot wait to travel again in the future, there are some great vacations that you can take from home. So if this Airbnb in Tasmania seems like the perfect outlet for you, what are you waiting for? Read here for the 50 best things to do in Tasmania for inspiration to plan great trips.

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Thalia Haven, Tasmania

It was about five years ago when I first found out Thalia Haven. And although that sounds like a life before, it feels like it’s just yesterday.

Back then, not much was offered for sale by specialized luxury homes in Tasmania. Thalia Haven is just one of the few recommended and it’s just as special as it is now.

Tasmania has had a real revival in the tourism sector over the past few years. Suddenly yes Endless airbnbs offers unique vacations across the island, from one place to another Small house on the island of Bruny to one beachman’s house that put Instagram in a spiral.

So what’s so special about Thali Haven? Read on to find out!

Thalia Haven Tasmania

East coast of Tasmania

Thalia Haven was hidden away in a remote part of Tasmania. Although the island may look small on the map, it will take hours to drive between destinations.

This luxury home is tucked away on a long farm driveway, open to the sea. You will not meet someone else during your stay, because no one will be around. The house is surrounded by farmland and vacant land, adding to the separation.

The house holds up to 8 guests, so you can come for a romantic getaway or gather some friends for a secluded escape. You will spend the day waking up to the sounds of the calm ocean to shore, with views of Great Oyster Bay in the distance.

The stone bedrooms are arranged in clusters, instead of connecting together in the traditional home layout. This makes the escape completely private and allows for more seclusion.

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