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This entrepreneur is disrupting how you can host your next virtual event with her 25,000 square foot studio.

The founder and CEO of Worre Studios shares how she created the most modern production studio in an epidemic.

April 8, 2021

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Marina Worre is someone who doesn’t mind change. She embraced it. As the co-founder and CEO of Network Marketing Pro, Inc., she and her husband Eric have generated thousands of hours video– content-based training as well as some of the largest and most prestigious live training events in the world. Once COVID-19 is successful, they must find a way to reach out to their community if they are unable to host two special events: Go Pro Recruiting Mastery and The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing. That was when Marina came to Worre Studios. She manages an audio and video team manufacturing to build a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot studio in Las Vegas to bring a more interactive, online experience to life. She sits down with Jessica Abo to share how companies and presenters can work with her studio and her advice for entrepreneurs.

Jessica Abo: Marina, how did you turn your business around when Covid became successful?

Marina Worre: Immediately after Covid’s attack, my event was unable to happen as we still did not know exactly how to distribute it. So we just did a basic live stream and got 100,000 people watching. It was a lot of fun. We’ve provided a lot of great value, but it’s like one-sided communication. At the end of July, we realized we had to come up with a solution. So one of the solutions is to build a studio.

You built Worre Studios, a modern 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. What did you hope to create?

I want to create an experience where people feel like they’re with me in the audience and be able to ask questions, chat with presenters, and have a much more fun, interactive experience. The pieces of technology we put together allow everyone to join in such a way that everyone has a seat in the front row. My husband and I have talked openly for many years. We talked in large arenas, where you don’t see people in the back row. And in this case, we can put a lot of people into those screens, but the cool part is we can unmute them and start a conversation with any of them at any time. Thousands of people are in front of you and you can initiate a conversation with any of them. So people feel a completely different participation. They felt like they were there. They feel more present.

Guide us on user experience.

It is similar to what you would do with a hotel. If you want to rent a ballroom, the hotel will guide you and help you on various aspects of production. That’s exactly what we do. We can bring the production team together. We may incorporate the different pieces of technology necessary for you to conduct your event, but you will still have to do marketing. You will still have to reach out to your audience.

Speaking of audience, are you still planning your women’s event this spring?

Sure. I am very excited. I want to make it bigger and better. I have big dreams because I want to bring more than 200,000 people to that event to inspire women that they can believe in themselves, because I think once women believe in themselves, She’s unstoppable, she can really change the world. The women’s event will run from May 14 to 16 and you can register at mpw2021.com. It will be a great experience, and I can’t wait to see you there.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs who must pivot this year or who may have to pivot in the future?

Change isn’t always bad. Change is how we learn and how we develop. Sometimes the darkest moments of your life can turn into the greatest breakthroughs. They may not be in that moment, but when you look back you will realize that because of that event or whatever happened to you, you are forced to look at another opportunity. You are forced to see things through different lenses, and that is essential for you to see the bigger picture.

Sometimes we are knocking on the wrong door, but there is the next door open. Because we too believe that the first option is the only way, we cannot see different opportunities in different ways for us to achieve our goals and dreams.

Just keep moving, keep track of your goal, and find different ways to reach it.



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