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This glute workout burns your muscles in 20 minutes of flatness

AAfter spending a year sitting at home in sweatpants, maybe it’s finally time to hang your pies in the sun – or at least get off the couch. To push you in this direction, The Ness Founder Colette Dong has designed 20-minute butt muscle exercises for his latest workout Good motion It’s so quick and snappy, you won’t find a reason to skip it this summer.

“You can solve this problem [routine] Dong said. “You can do it in the morning just to wake up your lower body – it’s a great soothing way to start your day off.” As further proof of its ease, Dong notes that the only device needed to take part in the routine is a “thick” rug and your own body.

The special exercise involves a series of leg extensions and lifts that will stealthily burn you without putting undue pressure on your joints or skeleton. “What I like here is that it’s just a super low-impact, but effective, way to build strength and activation in the glutes and hamstrings as well as the core – and there’s also a bit of an arm in place. there to aid Dong in speaking. “It can be done at any age and physical level.”

Regularly incorporating this sequence into your exercise regimen can also help relieve soreness, thus Weakened glutes can lead to pain in the lower back, knees and hips (and pandemic is of no use if not weakening of the #BedDeskCouchRepeat muscles). Hit play to start matching your backside for what is almost certainly a refreshing dynamic summer.

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