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This is how much it costs to become a fan of your favorite NFL team

According to research compiled by data trends website Pickswise, it’s more expensive to become a fan of Las Vegas Raiders than any other NFL team.

“The total cost to become a fan” is calculated by the sum of the following: average fare for all 16 matches (home and away), average cost of a beer and sausage a game, one shirt and one hat for the whole season, and Average price of a hotel per night accommodation for away matches.

One Raiders fan in this scenario paid around $ 3,450 for the 2020 NFL season. Compare that to Cincinnati Bengals fans, who paid $ 2,762 to become a fan last season.

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Obviously, you can be a fan without going live with each of your favorite team’s matches and without buying any official team equipment. But many fans enjoy watching their team with their own eyes and showing their support with their jersey and hat.

The total cost of becoming a fan doesn’t seem to correlate closely with the frequency of teams winning, as the four most costly teams to become a fan with no winning record by 2020 Additionally, fans of Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs, the two best teams at the 2020 NFL, spend less than fans of more than half of the other teams in the tournament.

The NFL teams lost an estimated $ 4 billion on last season’s sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Marc Ganis, co-founder of Chicago-based consulting group Sportscorp and a confidant of many NFL owners.

However, the long-term outlook for the NFL remains strong, after the tournament recently signed a major deal Media copyright agreement worth 110 billion USD That would nearly double its media distribution revenue.



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