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This is the initiative of old friends and former collaborator of Papalote Museo del Niño seeking to rescue him

I play, play and help is the name of the event that will take place on Saturday 17/4 with the purpose of rekindling the brotherhood, cooperation and service spirit of the former collaborators of the museum.

April 16, 2021

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As a result of the Salvemos a Papalote campaign launched in January 2021, a group of old first-generation friends and former collaborators called for the whole country to join again and share the sutras. their experience to save this place, from which they have learned many things, good friends and good memories.

This 28-year Papalote has prepared 63 generations of friends who see this organization as a place where you can start a new family and, regardless of time and distance, meet again and continue to support. these and other causes.

The proposal is to host a virtual fundraising event through Social Networks and create a project to support the Museum in the medium to long term.

I play, play and help is the name of the event that will take place on Saturday, April 17 at 12:00 o’clock Facebook live on Papalote Museo del Niño page . Its purpose is to arouse the brotherhood, collaboration, and service that they obtain while in the walls of the brick castle in Chapultepec, or of the red Papalote Móvil transport rickshaw or facilities in Cuernavaca or Monterrey.

A little bit of history

It all started in November 1993 when this iconic site was inaugurated and soon after, with Papalote Móvil tours across the Republic, gave hundreds of collaborators the opportunity to work, including administrative and operational areas and the friends list they joined forces and who certainly have good memories of their travels in this magical place.

“The Papalote does not deserve to disappear, it deserves to continue to touch the lives of all the children and young people in Mexico and it deserves to continue growing because it is a space for informal education, even over the years still allows us to learn and play ”.

Jorge Rueda. Excuate, fourth generation.

Photo: Courtesy ex cuates

“Papalote has helped to train a lot of people who are in many cases very successful at work and in their personal lives and who will always say with great pride that they were friends. Papalote “

Humberto Sánchez. Excuate, first generation.

Photo: Courtesy ex cuates

Thank you Papalote, you are my second family, you taught me to be a pro, you allowed me to meet great colleagues and great friends, to define what I wanted. in my professional life, so I enthusiastically joined the movement to retain you. on your feet, you count on me to help you.

Monica Rosales. Former collaborator of the assessment area.

There is little to achieve, so old friends and former collaborators invite everyone to join and contribute with hashtag #PROHIBIDONODONAR, #SalvemosPapalote, #AmoPapalote

You can donate from 100 pesos at papalote.org.mx/donativos. Share your testimony and explain why this iconic museum shouldn’t disappear.

Photo: Courtesy ex cuates



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