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This is the state of small and medium-sized businesses a year after the pandemic, according to Facebook

56% of Mexico’s SMEs believe they will be able to stay operational in the next six months, the Facebook Global Small Business Report says.

April 13, 2021

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As part of an effort to support small and medium businesses, Facebook introduced its latest installment The State of Small Business Global Report, A survey conducted in February 2021 of 35,000 SMEs worldwide to find out if the restrictions imposed on pandemic control impacted operations, income, and workforce. labor and even their medium-term plans like.

Facebook is committed to assisting SMEs on the path of economic recovery by providing relevant and actionable information for companies, organizations, government agencies and the public to find out. Solutions that help this important sector of the economy. This is apart for free tools and training that Facebook provides SMEs to support their digital transformation.

The 2021 edition of this report examines the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on SMEs. Against this backdrop, Facebook research aims to provide insights and information that can facilitate meaningful support for this important area.

Among the key findings of the Global Small Business Status Report, as of February 2021, 76% of global SMEs are operating or engaged in some form of income generating activities, compared to with 75% registered in Mexico. While in October 2020, according to the last wave of last year, the reported rate in our country was 86%.

Meanwhile, in February 2021, 27% of global SMEs reduced their number of employees, while in Mexico it was 38%; This rate in 2020 is higher at 42%.

In addition, 55% of companies surveyed globally reported a decrease in their sales from the same month last year. In Mexico, the impact was less, but significant with 48%; In October 2020, 64% of Mexican SMEs reported this decrease compared to their sales in October 2019.

On the other hand, 51% of global SMEs and 56% in Mexico said they had confidence in their ability to continue operations for at least six months if the current situation persisted.

Regarding future challenges, both globally and in Mexico, 19% of SMEs surveyed in February 2021 (33% in October 2020 in our country) predicted interdisciplinary challenges. cash flow, while 24% anticipate demand-related challenges or lack of customers.


Businessmen and women

Regarding the statistics showing disproportionate effects between women-led Mexican SMEs versus men, it can be found that:

  • 73% of women’s SMEs are in operation, compared with 76% led by men (84% vs. 88% in October 2020)
  • 52% of women SMEs reported that sales in February 2021 were lower than in the same month in 2020 (before the COVID-19 pandemic), compared with 48% of sales by men. operating.

As the pandemic enters a new stage with the reduction of restrictive measures, it is important to understand what are the most important challenges that SMEs face on the path of economic recovery.

Full global report can be consulted here .



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