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This lower body slide exercise is a super target for glutes

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If you’ve never set foot on one Megaformer in an SLT class , it’s a moving platform with every spring, strap, and handle you can think of – and using one of these platforms will activate whatever muscle you’re effectively working on. In today’s episode Club of the Month Coach, Coach SLT Pamela trujillo is giving you the home version of the SLT Megaformer class for legs and buttocks that you can do with just a pair of sliders or socks. The secret to getting the benefits of Megaformer without actually using it? Slow down all your movements Street down.

Slow down During a workout is a great way to increase the impact of a move yourself – without having to use the device to make the move for you. Trujillo’s advice to get the most out of this practice is to really focus on: “Let the stress rise, try not to run away from it.” This exercise will bring heat immediately but also help you increase strength, increase control and strengthen the connection between the mind and muscles. Keep rolling for a workout using the slider that feels (almost) vibrating like the Megaformer.

Try this exercise with this lower body slider

Start on the left side of the body and once you’ve completed each movement, repeat on the right.

1. Launch: This exercise will be a one-sided exercise – one on each side – but you’ll warm both glutes for a start. Warm up butt with high hips and upper body on the mat Place your feet on the slider, alternately extend one heel in front of you and control heel roll backwards.

2. Single butt muscle bridge: Time to really get into the left butt. At the top of the board, make sure your left heel is firmly on the ground and lift your right foot onto the table top. Slowly, touch your right toe to the ground and bring it back up – keep your left hip high and beautiful the entire time.

3. Reverse lunge chain: The rest of your left glute will be in a standing position, so jump up and place your left leg on the mat and your right hand on the slider to the back. Over the next few minutes, Pamela will guide you through several different types of movements in this pose. Make sure to firmly plug your left heel into the mat for stability and retract it into the core so you can move around in control.

4. Lunge side chain: You will complete your left side by working your glutes. Turn to the side with your left foot still on the mat, and to the right on the slider. From here, bring your loot back and straighten your right leg so you are in a leaning position. Just go down as far as possible before you feel it in the knee. You will finish your left side in this pose, so make sure your side part is extremely stable so you can light your right leg on the slider.

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