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This New York hotel has quarantined the patient. Now the owners regret it.

ROCHESTER, NY – When the pandemic broke out last spring, the couple who owned a hotel in upstate New York felt compelled to provide 43-room property to the Monroe County government for use as a quarantine facility.

Silas Patel and his wife, Micky Patel, previously both worked in the healthcare industry and they aspire to offer accommodation at the Clarion Pointe hotel to people with Covid-19 or already exposed to the coronavirus. The couple also said it brought in some revenue as the rest of their vacation home business has evaporated.

According to the American Hotel & Hostel Association, more than 15,000 hotels across the US offer temporary accommodation for emergency and wellness staff, although it’s not clear how many actually cater in this regard. Many hotels have not made it public that their properties have served those under quarantine. On their own hotel booking and real estate websites, they simply say there are no available rooms.

Experience has changed extensively after the government contract expires and owners continue to operate the hotel more normally. But Patels has had a lot of trouble with the Rochester property since reopening this month.

An expanded version of this article appears on WSJ.com.

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