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This one move produces total arm strength without the need for weights

Push-up is a polarizing topic. It’s easy to fall in love with them if you’ve completed all the motivating challenges the internet has given them, but it’s easy to hate them (and the pain they cause the next day). No matter where you stand in this arm date range, there’s no denying that since push ups work so many different muscle groups in one exercise, they’re fairly common in most exercises. And one way to take advantage of an exercise especially push-ups is to keep your posture at the end of the move, or rather, hold the isometric push-up.

To do an isometric push-up, set up your body the same way you would regular Do push-ups, focus on your body and then lower your chest toward your arms until you reach the lowest position you can control. (This should be an inch or two above the ground.) At the end of the pushup, stop and while activating your torso, hold yourself in this position for a while before pushing yourself back up. This move combines the benefits of push ups with the benefits of plank, and to reap the benefits but don’t overdo your muscles, it’s important to start with 5 to 10 reps and work towards more from there.

Doing this at the base of the move is great for your back and core muscles, but best of all, it’s a solid, low-impact way to create tension in some of the smaller muscles in the arm. and your shoulder. Usually, boxing and martial arts coaches will use this strategy to help build punches powerful and strength. Doing this exercise repeatedly and training your body to balance and feel comfortable under stress is a surefire way to help activate your arm muscles without putting pressure on your joints. your. Instantly, you’ll be able to pass many regular lifts as well as hold… and maybe even you’ll walk away with a new love found to be push-ups.

Ready to go to work? Click play Meg Takacs exercise above.

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