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This robot dog can pee beer when ordered

A Boston Dynamics four-legged robot could be programmed to toss beer into a glass, one YouTuber discovered.

April 14, 2021

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Humans can come up with the most unusual and interesting uses Technology . Proof for this is that youtuber Michael Reeves discovered that the robot dog Spot , from Boston Dynamics firm, can be programmed to urinate beer when ordered.

On his YouTube channel, Reeves shared a video in which he shows how he turns Four-legged robot Spot Become the best party partner.

With a quick code, the YouTube writer managed to let Spot identify a glass on the floor, position himself on it, and shoot. streaks of beer inside, or at least very close.

Reeves makes it clear in the video that the robot still lacks details to tweak. “The ‘Piss bot’ is working flawlessly. 35 percent of the time, ”he said say in the clip. However, it is a great and interesting feature.

Boston Dynamics has worked hard to improve its machine’s public image, since since Spot was marketed, it has been used in ways that the company disapproves of. For example, someone has equipped the robot with a paintball gun, which appears harmless.

However, last week the French army used Spot in simulated warfare drills. Boston Dynamics told The Verge portal they were unaware that these specific tests were being carried out, even though they knew that the French army had access to their machines.

Of course Robot point Much more expensive than inviting a few human friends over for a few days. Each unit costs approx $ 74,500 (just over 1.5 million Mexican pesos ).

Here’s a video of how they teach the four-legged robot Spot to pee into the beer:



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