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This Squat-Centric Pilates glute exercise is * Reality * Fire

TThis is what makes you happy about burning your booty through exercise, about pushing it to the point where it hurts-very-well and you can feel your glutes getting stronger, firmer and can even be raised halfway up to prop them up to be in the mirror. (I see you!) It’s not pleasant, but in a weird way, it’s like… is? If you’re new to it – or not, but realize the importance of healthy glutes to overall mobility and muscle health and be willing to do what is needed to get them – latest set of the Good steps should be entered into your workout rotation, the index.

In the video, Chloe de Winter of Go Chlo Pilates performing a series of quick and dirty quick-center-focus exercises guaranteed to leave you burning. “I’m going to give you a Pilates squat today,” she said.

If you’re not a fan of squats, bad news; They are one of the most effective and effective exercises in existence. To do a squat, your body activates about 200 upper and lower muscles – 200! Squats can help improve your strength, strength, bone density, posture and overall athletic performance. All of this makes everyday commuting easier, which is something you can take for granted or not, but believe that at some point it will matter to you, so many, so much.

In her demo of the aforementioned squatting move, de Winter uses a strip of resistance to make the glute harder; however, she notes that the workout is designed to be effective without any equipment, so the lack of a band is no reason to skip the series. If you are ready burns, baby, burns—or just know you’ll feel better if you force yourself to a quality glute workout – go sports bra and hit play on the above video.

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