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This Yoga Flow for Sleep is the Melatonin of Exercise

Iif your initial stress and anxiety levels are now higher than they were before the pandemic, you’re not alone, and the few things that make it harder to sleep are your mind racing with fear and negativity. To help calm your brain – whether right before bed or any time of the day that overwhelms stress –Yoga club BK Founders Alicia Ferguson and Paris Alexandra share the sleep-focused flow in the latest episode of Good steps. “Today we’re going to relax with my free flow, helping us release any accumulated stress or stress the body is under during the day,” said Ferguson.

To promote yoga for sleep, she recommends combining an essential oil mixture. “You can use whatever essential oils you like,” she said. “Paris and I will use it today incense and lavender mix. Take about two or three drops, or just roll in the palm of your hand… then just press lightly on the soles of your feet ”. When you do, she recommends that you set the mindset of your practice. “So no matter what it is, just pay attention to press your foot, to [the essential oil] absorb, and just connect with your body – whatever will help you with this workout. “

When we feel unfounded, it disrupts our internal rhythm and can disrupt our sleep and digestion, Ferguson explained. “Allowing ourselves to be truly steady gives us a sense of calm, a sense of balance,” she said. Focus on the present moment to distract your mind from past sadness or fear of the future.where you can be “safe” —and its sedative effects.

Then, a series of gentle movements will help reduce stress further, relieving worries of the day with each exhalation. And finally, Ferguson encourages you not to rush back to your to-do list. “I invite you to pause the video and can just hang out here as long as it’s comfortable,” she said. “Maybe if you have blanketYou can even throw the blanket up [yourself]—You can feel warm. “

Cozy enough to … fall asleep? Press play to find out.

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