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Thousands of ladybirds invade a mountain in Molise: and ‘red revival’ – Chronicles

Thousands of ladybugs were ‘gathered’, to use a very common term today, on the same rock. The photos taken in recent days on Montagnola by Civitanova del Sannio (Isernia) have appeared on social media, they immediately went viral.

At the highest point of the locality, between rocks and rocks and near a water tank, a suggestive scene was presented to a local resident, Nicola Ricci, a former ranger, who filmed everything. “I recall what a friend told me years ago, when he saw more than 5 times and was fascinated – he said – and that’s why I filmed, called him. and he rushed back and forth over this wonderful and rare sight. “

Ladybugs, according to what scholars have reported, hibernate and do so after assembling in large swarms, hiding in rocky ravines and on high ground, before waking up in spring to Go to plants, where they eventually find their food., bed bugs and parasites, play a fundamental role in nature. Hence, that movie could be the moment of awakening and leaving the winter shelter.


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