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Tikpay Token to Be Listed on NICOEX on July 14th – IHUB Partner Press Releases

NEW YORK, July 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Tikpay team has announced that it will be officially listed on NICOEX on July 14 in order to further expand its business. This news has drawn attention of the market to the rapid rise of Tikpay Token in the blockchain payments space.

TPT stands for TikPay Token. It is the main currency used by Tikpay. As a network platform, Tikpay can support peer-to-peer information communication and transaction settlement between different financial institutions across chains and networks. Tikpay not only allows merchants to connect to serve Tikpay Token holders, but also offers a wide range of blockchain services to financial institutions around the world. TikPay Token (TPT), as the Tikpay system’s primary Token, in addition to being safe and secure, it also supports real-time transactions and meets the need for privacy protection.

Since July 1, TikPay Token has been implemented in China, Japan, Korea and Cambodia. Through a dedicated T-POS system, many supermarket chains and shopping malls, have already started to accept TikPay Token for purchases, which is certainly a consensus.

There is also a strong background in NICOEX, the upcoming exchange for TikPay Token. NICOEX is committed to building the most professional fiat currency digital exchange in the Chinese world, and will actively cultivate quality blockchain projects. Its team is drawn from the elite of the finance, information, marketing and blockchain industries. NICOEX is committed to providing the most secure trading channel and the highest standard of user experience. It also works closely with international law firms, accounting firms, major banks, regulatory bodies and legislative units, etc. It has taken a position in the blockchain market by acting as an “ABA blockchain accelerator”. The four licenses that NICOEX holds, namely BDF, CYSEC, FCA and BAFIN, also represent its international recognition, allowing investors in the market to feel more comfortable in depositing digital assets into NICOEX.

The listing of Tikpay Token on NICOEX on July 14 has undoubtedly drawn much attention in the market. Unlike other Tokens that are generally listed on exchanges, Tikpay has first accumulated a certain amount of market traffic and is already being used. Many investors in cryptocurrencies are eagerly anticipating the project.

Official website: www.tikpay.io

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