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Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium: Green Burst

In a man’s wardrobe, the ability to adapt to any occasion, also known as versatility, is one of the most prized characteristics of any garment. A few items of immediate interest to you – denim jeans, quintessential white T-shirts or linen coats – key items that can be worn up or down to match. The same can be said of watches, often seen as an important component of men’s wear.

The Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium It’s almost the equivalent of a plain white shirt that looks good-looking and complements all outfits, saving on the fact that it doesn’t need ironing before wearing. The flexibility of Tissot Gentleman takes place from Monday to Friday with ease. From a two-piece suit to timepieces, the Tissot Gentleman feels at home thanks to the different dial colors and band options.

Although Tissot Gentleman seems simple in its implementation, it is simple. Referenced to Tissot from the 1960s, contemporary details work in harmony with each other to create the perfect timepiece. The development trend of green watches continues to evolve with this latest version featuring a graded sunlight dial whose bezel turns slightly black when viewed at certain angles. The applied indices are surrounded by SuperLuminova dots on the bevelled dial before being satin and polished finish for a high gloss finish. A “clam-style” three-link bracelet combines alternating finishes and attaches with a reassuring click.

At the heart of the Powermatic 80,811 automatic caliber movement is a silicon filament that delivers outstanding performance and reliability thanks to its anti-magnetic properties, resistance to temperature variations and corrosion. Its 80-hour power reserve gives the Tissot Gentleman its Powermatic 80 name and means the watch continues to run after it is left on the cabinet for the weekend.

All photos courtesy of Tissot.



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