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To date, 17 million vaccines have been shipped to the regions, nearly 14 million produced – Chronicle

By June, all people over 60 years of age must get at least one dose of the vaccine. With more than 14 million administrative agencies and more than 4 million Italians vaccinated even when withdrawn, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said the government’s new goals, hopefully, will make Johnson & Johnson clearer. as soon as possible and repeat: “just by vaccinating tens of millions of Italians will regain our freedoms and a lasting economic recovery will be possible”. And exactly vaccine utilization rate could be one of the new parameters that could be included in the new decree to determine the level of risk of individual territories and thus reopening: Regional and Higher Institutes of Health work on a hypothesis that provides 70% coverage for those over the age of 80 and frail, thus herd immunity for this age group. Despite the blockade of the US authorities and the distrust of Astrazeneca, the government continued to show confidence and believe that the vaccination campaign would not be delayed any longer, thanks to an additional 7 million. dose for Italy that Pfizer will be predicting from next Wednesday therefore second quarter in June, as announced by EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen and confirmed by the US company’s CEO in an interview. interviews with Corriere and 3 other European newspapers. “During this quarter, we will deliver 250 million doses to Europe, revealing a study of 46,000 people where the Pfizer serum is now” safe even across variants, “said Albert Bourla. Hence, it continued.

“The organization is there, the apparatus has been tweaked and with the dose coming, I am sure we will take home the targets and we will be able to reopen the country,” said Emergency Commissioner Francesco. Figliuolo, who is continuing his tour, said. of Italy to check the situation of different regions. After a few days, the doses were back over 300,000 in 24 hours and the input the general gave was that we continued to travel continuously at this rate, for the goal of 500 thousand vaccinations per day. in mid-April jumped. Another indisputable sign has to do with the categories: first vaccinated people over the age of 80 and older, then those 70 and 60 years old. “Vaccination for the elderly is right because it allows you to save lives. And all regions must adhere to these principles,” Speranza repeated in his statement to the Chamber, stating exactly the goal. June and where, however, he must gather notice of the movement of distrust from the Italian Brothers side. Giorgia Meloni said: “We have denounced his incompetence and incompetence for many months.

I 17,130,760 total dose according to the official website of the Government. This morning, they are nearly 14 million total administrative (13,927,650) of which just under 10 million (9,788,805) first dose (16.41% of population) and 4,138,845 people were also repeated (6.94%). Of which, 11,814,660 is the Pfizer / BioNTech dose distributed to regions, 1,320,400 Moderna, 3,995,700 AstraZeneca, while for J&J, the counter shows zero, as they are still stopping at Pratica di. Mare.

Organized there, the machinery has been tweaked. And with the drugs coming, I’m sure we will bring back the goals and we will be able to reopen the country. “Alba (Cuneo).



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