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Tommaso Zorzi, after Gf Vip and Isola now debut as conductor – TV

“Am I shipwreck on Famous Island? I won’t even pass the medical exam.” Self-deprecating, as always, sharp enough, the last Big Brother Vip winner, the king of social media, constant commentator on Island research and guest of the Costanzo Show, now Tommaso Zorzi also debuted. as host of my own program: “The point Z”, which starts April 7, at 20:45 every Wednesday on Mediaset Play, live and on demand. “It’s always been my dream to do a show,” told ANSA Zorzi, who from April 8 will also have another space to comment on L’isola right after the daily strip of the real show. economy in Italia 1 (Monday to Friday at 6.20 pm). “The Z score for me was the first step – he continued – because I learned TV by doing it, there was no school. It was a void for me and a platform like Mediaset Play also allows for it. I’m a little less perfect, dirtier ”. Just like in his appointments inside Gf Vip’s house, the show (from the ideas of Tommaso Zorzi and Gabriele Parpiglia, written in collaboration with Clarissa Bellinello, created and produced by RTI), ” Winks at the game, variety show and late show, “between interview and game, with a guest on an episode. It begins with Giulia Salemi (Fariba’s mother playing on the island), ready to submit to Zorzi’s fiery questions and reckless style, while the new commander will be baptized by Maurizio Costanzo. “It’s a real honor for me – he commented – he’s one of the fathers of TV, from which I learned a lot. For example, Costanzo is one of those who listen a lot.” in interviews, he doesn’t have to follow the squad questions, and yes: the protagonist is not you, but the guest My other legends? Definitely Fiorello, Maria De Filippi, Raffaella CarrĂ . Saw? And I admire Franca Leosini and her cursed stories. “
Citing only the historian Pronto Raffaella ?, on his show, Zorzi will continue the tofu game, this time with a number of beans available to guess. The guest will then have to comment on a positive and negative tweet, as well as give a thought, confidence, written and sent inside the Tommy tag, which will be discovered at the end of the episode. The chosen theme song, “Sugli Sugli Bane Bane”, will feature the island’s female faces, Ilary Blasi, Iva Zanicchi and Elettra Lamborghini. And there will be a web with Golden Social, or ten content (tweets, gifs, memes) related to the most popular, most beautiful and energetic Island of the week.
“The surprise of this version? I like Elisa Isoardi, Fariba, Jill Rocca – he said -. But today to win, I will bet everything on Valentina Persia”. Meanwhile, curious asking to see Zorzi and Francesco Oppini, skin-giving friends at Gf Vip, together on TV, perhaps behind the Striscia counter, news came from social media as Ficarra and Picone left from satirical news. “Maybe. I’ll accept it right away – Zorzi replied – In ten years? I want a program of the year that works for me, like a late show. And, of course, also leads Sanremo.” : Who doesn’t like it? He does the challenge with healthy unconsciousness. Maybe I’ll think about it again later, but if on TV you think of the millions of viewers watching and listening to you, in the end you just scare you. I’d rather live it like a conversation. (HANDLING).



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