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A far more cost-effective option exists, though, and it doesn’t need stepping foot in a software shop. How to find the location for free and the phone number of a person? The ability to trace your phone using its number has probably been shown on television or in person by someone you trust. From Google’s Android and iOS location services to free applications and websites, there is a lot of software available. Despite their differing degrees of user-friendliness and accuracy, one commonality among these services is that each one costs a lot.

If you want to keep an eye on your children and workers, these services are a need. You may not have the funds for these services or wish to follow someone without their knowledge. If you’re wondering whether you can trace someone else’s phone number using your own or not, then you should read this amazing blog post on for your further assistance.

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Find the location for free by Using the Cell Phone Number

A mobile phone number may be used to track down a person’s current location in numerous different ways. Nextgenphone has covered this deep guide to trace someone else phone’s location using phone number. Either utilise CNAM search or download a phone number tracker app on your device. However, let us go through them in more depth.

Use a Local Phone Locator.

The simplest method is to use the software that comes with your computer or mobile device. Several of these tools are available for free, making them even more appealing. When your phone is stolen or misplaced, you may use the native device finder applications on both your Android and iOS device. It’s also possible to monitor the whereabouts of your closest friends and family members with these devices.

Find My Device’ for the Android OS.

Using Find My Device, you may locate a cell phone from afar. With Google Play Protect, you can keep your phone safe from rogue apps and other intruders. In addition, it is only compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

It’s easy to get the app:

  • Find My Device may be found on the Google Play Store.
  • It’s as simple as selecting the top search result and then installing it.
  • Sign in to Find My Device with the Google account you wish to utilise the service with after installation.
  • Finding your current location for free should be granted to the app. Check to see whether your phone has internet access.
  • Remotely locking and wiping data, as well as tracking your phone, are now possible.

If you’re looking for someone in a small, cramped space, use Indoor Maps instead of Outdoor Maps. Mobile lock screens may also be personalised with messages and numbers that can successfully wipe or lock a device.

‘Find My iPhone’ app for iOS devices.

Just like Find My Device, Find My iPhone does the same thing. It doesn’t function on Android, but it does on iPhones. As long as the phone is linked to the internet, you can trace its whereabouts and even lock and delete its contents.

To use the Find my iPhone function, you do not need to download it from the App Store since it is incorporated into iOS.

It’s time to get started:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • At the very top, you’ll see your name and Apple ID.
  • ICloud is the third option.
  • Turn on the Find My iPhone feature by selecting it and then switching it on.
  • By entering into iCloud.com or by logging into any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can now follow your phone on the web.

Using the Spyera download (Third-Party App)

A phone number tracker and a surveillance App, Spyera, may help you find someone’s whereabouts based on the number of their mobile phone. Your kids’ gadgets may be protected from hazardous internet activity thanks to this app. Similar to Android, it works with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad as well as PCs running Windows and Mac OS.

In order to utilise Spyera:

  • First, go to the app’s official website and buy a licence.
  • Install the app on the phone you want to use.
  • · Find a location for free with your Spyera web panel.

Using GPS, Spyera collects data from the target’s phone and delivers it to your web panel. A Wi-Fi connection will be used if the target device does not have GPS. Spyera may be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Use an IMEI Tracker:

IMEI tracking is simple and easy for everyone to conduct. Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) is the acronym for Intercontinental Mobile Station Equipment Identity. You can accomplish a lot with its special 15-digit number. Also one of them is the recovery of a misplaced or stolen cell phone.

How to Find an IMEI Number on a Phone:

  • Navigate to the Configuration menu.
  • Press the General Button, then the about button.
  • Find your IMEI by scrolling down and writing it down.
  • Dialing *#06# on the phone is also an option, regardless of the model.

How to Find a Phone Using the IMEI Number?

Option 1: The phone may be tracked by your cellular service provider. All you have to do is hand over the IMEI and sit back and relax while they take care of the rest. A few hours or a few days may be required, depending on the company’s recommendation.

Option 2: Apps from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, as well as web-based IMEI tracker apps, may be used to keep track of your phone’s IMEI number (no download needed).

Lookup of the caller ID (CNAM)

You may also utilise online CNAM search tools to find the location for free of anybody using their mobile phone number. CNAM lookup allows you to find out the location of a caller. That’s not all; it also reveals a person’s name, the city and state they live in, and more. On the other hand, the information is only available after paying a nominal cost.

This approach has two potential drawbacks:

  • · CNAM blocker: As an additional precaution, CNAM is blocked. Because a CNAM blocker covers the caller’s identity and phone number, the call cannot be detected if you are attempting to identify the individual.
  • · Automated phone call: The phone number of an unknown caller does not appear on the caller ID.


For those who care about their loved ones’ safety more than anything else, the act of searching for them is a loving one, perhaps more so. Please let us know if this advice on how to find a location for free using a mobile phone number was helpful to you in any way.

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