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Top B2B content marketing trends to follow this year, according to the experts

If you’re a B2B marketer who doesn’t invest in content creation, then you’re in the minority – 79% of B2B marketers surveyed by the Institute of Content Marketing and Marketing Profs said their organization is already using content marketing to continue their goals into 2020.

It is worth it to develop a sound content marketing strategy: We found that bDiary is one of the three main forms of medium Used in content strategies today.

In reality, 24% of marketers has increased investment in content marketing last year.

With 2021 going on, we want to talk to more B2B content marketers to see what trends they’re looking for in H2.

1. ABM content support.

Based on Brooklin Nash, head of content now Sales hacker, “B2B brands are getting better at connecting ABM play to super content related to the target account. “

For example, Nash said Complex Serves industry reports that cover the main accounts.

“ABM ads are starting to drive more content and less landing pages,” adds Nash.

2. More comprehensive content to support multiple channels.

Nash also reports that he sees companies focused on delivering more comprehensive content that support multiple channels.

“The content change is not new, but it certainly looks like an increase (for everyone’s good),” he said. “Instead of a blog post on ABM, you can run a survey and turn it into downloadable content, social media images, an article, podcast mentions, and a webinar. web summary. “

3. Increased dependence on contractors.

Due to the uncertainty of last year, 29% of content marketers had to reduce their budgets.

Besides, 49% said their organization was outsourced at least one content marketing activity, with large companies most likely to outsource.

Nash also noticed the same thing. He said, “I haven’t seen job data yet, but I know quite a few tech companies that have laid off a (large) portion of their (large) content groups in the midst of the pandemic.”

That means returning those full-time functions back can take time.

“It will take longer than the content needs, so freelancers need to be ready,” added Nash.

4. Focus on original content rather than keywords.

Kelly O’Hara, the founder of Copy target, and B2B content marketing specialist, say, “I’ve seen successful bloggers talk about how they don’t optimize some of their content for SEO. * Gasp * I know.”

This idea may not be as weird as you might think at first glance.

O’Hara says this could become the norm in the near future.

O’Hara adds: “We know that readers are asking for more authenticity from the content. “It is difficult to validate and optimize your content at the same time. Plus, I imagine that Google will continue to seek to credit legitimate sources, demonstrate their expertise and truly help their readers. “

All that said, don’t be surprised if content marketers start focusing more on uniqueness instead of keywords, semantic linking words, getting H2 in the right place, etc.

5. Emphasize digital marketing.

This may not sound new as the digital revolution has been going on for the past few decades, but content marketing itself is starting to explode.

This year, there is one increase the people whose organizations have used content creation / collaboration / workflow technology. This is not surprising considering the home working world in which we live.

While the content type (blog) remains the same, 67% of companies is currently focusing on the use of virtual events, webinars, online courses and online community building.

Additionally, the use of live streaming has increased 29% from 10%.

One of the survey respondents said, “We had to expand our network through digital marketing strategies like webinars and podcasts, as we mainly rely on events and associations conference to increase brand and network awareness. “

6. Expand your budget and expertise.

While some content marketers’ budgets have fallen by 2020, this year, companies are focusing on increasing expertise with content creation and website enhancement.

In addition, companies will need to increase their employees to keep pace with the needs of the content marketing world.

A survey respondents “We will seek to increase employees and strengthen targeted strategies through content marketing,” said.

With budget expansion and growth in content marketing teams, companies are becoming more media savvy and focusing on creating a media brand, above all corporate branding. their.

Content marketing is in a boom. From focusing on SEO and blogging to becoming a large-scale media company, brands are seeing a huge difference as they scale their content marketing efforts.

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