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Tory’s story: Why Britain’s Conservative Party needed a change

As a patriotic genre, I tried hard to avoid watching Crown. This is not because I find the subject uninteresting, but because I am afraid it will be too American and have many inaccuracies; Besides, with the dramas Harry and Meghan recently dominating the headlines and social media, I have been quite sad lately with Royal, monarchy.

However, something from the day before caught my interest. The YouTube app on my phone automatically replays a scene from the show where Margaret Thatcher is lamenting her struggles as the leader of the Conservative Party (and what that says about hobby finding on my YouTube, you have to rate yourself). In the clip, she says something along the lines of her senators Tory is “stuck in their way…. They have no imagination ”.

I find myself quite sympathetic to this fictional portrait of an old stallion, as Christopher Hitchens once called her, since I have reason to think so much lately. For example, the subject of a passage I have published on these pages, in which I argue that if the UK street crime problem is as bad as the media are claiming and the police admit, then our Armed Forces – who are currently not in a fight – may be called in to land their manpower.

I explain that there is a precedent for this and underline the security measures taken during the 2012 Olympics, as well as the equivalent methods adopted by our European friends, the forces The military and the police are much tighter than our forces. If I say so myself, rather reasoning, reasoning and research – and I seem to recall writing at that time, times of despair requiring desperate measures.

Although street crime in the UK seems completely out of control, no one has proposed anything but “take money for an additional 20,000 police”, which does not acknowledge the complaints of Police officers assume they are not properly trained, equipped or prepared to match what they are asked to face. Besides, the answer is usually “no money” – hence my recommendation is to bring in military personnel who are currently doing little more than help distribute vaccines and those who are about to scale down in The latest defense reviews will come with increased use of technology and robotics.

Note: I must say that, while I disapprove of any cuts to the military budget and remain wary of robots, I like the idea of ​​the Terminator with a cute British accent: ‘I will go back to ‘, see “I’ll be back in a moment”, and “Come with me if you want to live”, use “Would you mind joining me in case you want to extend your life. I don’t …? “

Indeed, I was so pleased with my idea, I even rewrote it and posted it on the Conservative Party’s policy ideas forum; Again, desperate times, desperate measures. However, the first response it received was something I should have predicted.

Before giving the details, I should first explain that there is something about the stereotype of British conservatives that often does not turn out to be quite accurate. Of course, middle age, and while often the middle class, will often defend to discourage the higher social and economic levels who they want to belong to. You may see leftist media mocking these people as ‘golf club sweater brigades’, but again, if you are unlucky or not wise enough to visit a golf club of England, you will find that there is something in it; Flushed faces complaining of wives or government complaints, talking with great authority and questionable accuracy of policy, patronizing anyone under the age of 35, and sometimes speaking with admiration serious of strong figures like Vladimir Putin. For Europeans this could explain how Brexit happened.

The only comment on my post was, therefore, not surprising. “The army is not trained to do police work,” it said, seemingly skipping my post section, in which I explained how the army would have to go through months of retraining to do these what i suggest. “There is no reason this is not a police state”. Well, once again, I have stressed that the military will be under the command and direct direction of the police. Though the truth may be I’m looking too deeply into this, since the man I was thinking of wrote ‘there’ when he meant ‘theirs’.

This is a dilemma for conservatives in the UK, with their view that the ‘Dunkirk spirit’ and much-praised hard lips of the British will help us overcome all difficulties. I should make it clear that those two ideas are the things I value most about culture, but the way they are used is what makes me uncomfortable. There is nothing more admirable than pretending everything is okay when knife crime is at an all-time high, and we can’t pull together when the problem is on our frontier. Indeed, I would like to say that in the spirit of Dunkirk, do something radical about the crime problem in the UK rather than just grumbling online these days and thinking the problem will resolve itself.

If there is one thing I admire about the Political Left – then, that may be the only thing – that is their willingness to occasionally embrace out of place ideas (I’m really trying to write ‘level advance ‘here). Conservatives need to do the same; the numerous current ideas – which have not yet been available – have barely been inspired. To continue the problem of knife crime, I’m not sure I would feel better if the government actually brought 20,000 more police officers on the streets, as they were basically admitting too frightened or poorly trained. to do anything. about the problem anyway. Besides, there is hardly any good testimony from British people that the only reason why they stop slashing each other is that they can be truly arrested now.

If you’re wondering why the current Conservative government seems lethargic and tireless, perhaps this could explain it: they are power-hungry, but completely unaware of what to do with it once they have won it.



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