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Tottenham was forced to give Jose Mourinho a huge £ 15million resignation package .. but how much has he paid to fire over the years?

JOSE MOURINHO is set to pocket 15 million pounds from being sacked by Tottenham.

The leader of the Portuguese, 58 years old, is was put on by Spurs to kick off on Monday in the middle of a horrifying 2021.

Jose Mourinho pocketed £ 77.5 million in compensation during his career

TottenhamHope for a place in the top 4 continues to shatter after a 2-2 draw with Everton.

And were knocked out of the Europa League in the round of 16 – leading 2-0 in the first leg – MourinhoTheir dates are numbered.

But his dismissal came at a strange time – just hours after it was announced that the club had been involved in the controversy. European Super League AND less than a week before their Carabao Cup final.

However, chairman Daniel Levy decided to part with Mourinho.

And the initial reports confirmedChelsea and Manchester United The leader will be rewarded with around 15 million pounds.

Mourinho is making a lot of money from being fired.

In fact, the Portuguese boss is now making an astonishing £ 77.5m when it comes to layoffs alone.

Mourinho’s first time at Chelsea – during which he won two Premier League titles, two League Cups and the FA Cup – remains his highest-paid day.


Jose Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham on Monday amid terrible form in 2021


Jose Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham on Monday amid horrible form in 2021Credit: Reuters

After missing the title in the 2006-07 season, Mourinho became fragile after repeated conflicts with the leadership.

Roman Abramovich finally got all of the Special Man’s stuff after a bad start to the season – wrapped up in a shocking home draw against Norwegian practitioners Rosenborg.

The Russian billionaire eventually paid Mourinho £ 18 million to leave Stamford Bridge.

After a full season at Inter Milan, where he won two Serie A and Treble titles, Mourinho left Real Madrid.

Although Mourinho was able to win a title in the Spanish capital, his spell has been identified by giant clashes with Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Los Blancos decided they had enough of him and Florentino Perez eventually handed the manager £ 17m on his way back to Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho was fired twice by Chelsea, total compensation was £ 30.5 million


Jose Mourinho was fired twice by Chelsea, total compensation was £ 30.5 millionCredit: PA: Press Association

Things certainly looked bright as Chelsea overcame their rivals en route to the League Cup and Premier League titles in 2015.

But that summer, Mourinho was annoyed with the Chelsea leadership, angry with the decision to sell Blues legend Petr Cech to rival Arsenal.

He was even more angry when the list of his favorite transfer goals was ignored.

His massive clash with club doctor Eva Caneiro on the opening day of the season signaled the end and after miserable three months Chelsea got a second in December that year, this time at a price 12.5 million pounds.

At Manchester United, it’s a similar story, of immediate success – with the club winning the League Cup and Europa League in his first season – ahead of teamfight press conferences, moods and battle with the board.

Mourinho was eventually paid £ 15million before he was replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

And another £ 15million from Tottenham is rumored to lift his total career to £ 77.5m.

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Jose Mourinho was horrified by football club Tottenham Hotspur during the 2021 season



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