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TOUR PHOTO: OhioHealth Neuroscience Wellness Wellness Center

Three years ago, OhioHealth (Columbus, Ohio) opened its Neuroscience Center at OhioHealth Riverside Evaluation Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, providers have identified the need for enhanced continuous care for patients with neurological conditions – including Parkinson’s, stroke, and multiple sclerosis – by offering them programs prevention and rehabilitation specialists, equipment, education and specialists to help manage conditions and live a more active life.

The OhioHealth Neuroscience Wellness Wellness Center provides clinical, exercise, educational, and spiritual support programs for people living with neurological conditions and their caregivers. The Neuroscience Health Care Center helps members build strength, health and community through comprehensive mental-physical care.

Perched on a hill on the edge of the neighboring forest reserve, the 25,300 square foot building was designed by Gensler (Chicago) is located on the perimeter of the OhioHealth Riverside campus. The unique architecture is modest and refined for a large active medical campus and embraces the surrounding landscape by prioritizing continuous daylight access and inspiring views. The building’s location and its environmentally-focused design make the building comfortable and quiet, allowing members to focus on their overall well-being and well-being.

Held around the open-air courtyard and community “fireplace” spaces, the interdisciplinary center includes gyms and wellness rooms with overhead harness for added balance; a quiet studio for mind classes with extended decks for outdoor programs; multi-purpose gyms; an indoor walkway; Cafe; administration workspace; and the OhioHealth John J. Gerlach Center, which includes geriatric and cognitive neurological assessment clinics.

Friction-free design considerations integrated throughout the entire space, including abundant and controlled natural light and vision, indoor and outdoor transition spaces, transition of fine materials Ergonomic and intuitive navigation, all of which assist in creating a tranquil, nerve-health-focused environment.


Project details:

Facility Name: OhioHealth Neuroscience Wellness Center

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Completion date: November 2020

Owner: OhioHealth

Total building area: 25,300 sq. Ft.

Total construction cost: Secret

Cost / sq. ft: Secret

Architectural firm: Gensler

Interior design: Gensler

General Contractor: Whiting-Turner

Engineering: Consultant Engineer Bard, Rao + Athanas (MEP), Engineer Rubinos & Mesia (structural), Engineer EMH & T (civil)

Builders: Whiting-Turner



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