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Towards reopening on April 26th. Tomorrow 7 million at school – Chronicle

Italy is preparing to reopen for the first time on April 26, as announced by Draghi. The ‘pass’ will arrive, its features will be more clearly defined in the next few hours. More control is expected. From Monday 19, 6 million and 850,000 students will be on campus from a total of 8.5 million state and equity schools. Consequently, there will be almost a million and 657 thousand still at home in the DAD. The problem of fast shipping and buffering persists for the students.

Countdown to the reopening date on April 26 announced by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, with the unspecified element of tickets traveling between regions and access to events. CTS will discuss this topic on Monday; Among the hypotheses in this area is the application with the QR code modeled by Israel and the application that the European Union is also working on, but will take some time to activate it; from the 26th onwards, the certificate proves that one of the 3 mandatory conditions can be sufficient: vaccination, negative test, recovery. The Council of Ministers will be from Tuesday through Wednesday to issue an ordinance with new rules and the return of yellow zones.

And the controversy has yet to stop, with Matteo Salvini demanding a prediction of reopening in the house and cancellation of the curfew at 22 and Giorgia Meloni talking about “steps back”, while at the Piazza del Popolo In Rome, a thousand program salespeople were the protagonist of a flashmob with and in Cagliari, 500 went down the street shouting “we’re tired of not working”. The pass – which is the mark of the Palazzo Chigi – will be used to travel between regions of different colors and to go to stadiums, to concerts or other events. The CTS will decide on the exact conditions that need to be respected (vaccination, rehab, negative gauze removal, eg 48 hours prior to travel) for which the Government has consulted. After that, we will move on to the technical rollout, which has not been briefly announced, but intends to proceed accordingly with the European application which will be fully operational by July. The Italian card must be compatible with the EU card. It can be a QR code to show up on your mobile phone or to print. The Privacy Guarantor’s supervision must be approved. Compared with the previous Immuni application, which has not been successful, interest in having the application able to travel or attend events spurred the spread of the certification among the Italians. But there were people who objected, even among the same majority.


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