Home Environment Tribal Textile employs local artisans to enhance the Zambian rural community

Tribal Textile employs local artisans to enhance the Zambian rural community

On the edge of beautiful South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, social enterprise Tribal textile Significant strides have been made in empowering a small rural community with ethical and environmentally friendly handmade textiles. The company, now 30 years old, is one of the largest employers in remote areas and follows its corporate social responsibility strategy to provide sustainable employment and reinvest a percentage of profits. into local communities and conservation initiatives. Developed to minimize the environmental impact from sourcing to manufacturing, Tribal Textiles home décor products are handcrafted in their own workshops at home. Zambia and transported around the world with a portion of transportation costs raised to support children at the local Hanada orphanage.

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With 86 local Zambians currently working, Tribal Textiles offers a wide range of handcrafted accessories and home decorations from pillows, tablecloths to masks and aprons. All products use ingredients that are locally sourced and are sustainable with reused waste wherever possible. Hand-woven products are inspired by Africa’s vibrant culture and heritage, and combine traditional Batik techniques with contemporary works and bold colors.

A set of wooden spoons above a canvas with an orange and white pattern.

According to the company, all employees receive a fair monthly salary, which includes annual leave, sick pay, burial fees, housing and travel benefits, and other benefits such as breakfast and daily lunches and access to free HIV tests. By providing sustainable and steady employment in an area of ​​job scarcity, Tribal Textiles can also help reduce poaching rates and deforestation in the area rich in wildlife.

Napkin and napkin ring placed on white plate on orange and white patterned cloth.

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Five percent of every Tribal Textile purchase is reinvested in the local community and preservation initiatives, including the Conservation of South Luangwa, the Zambia Carnivore Program, BirdWatch Zambia, and the Biological Carbon Partners as well as the Malimba School, Hanada & Chipembele Orphanage, and the Luangwa Craftsmen Group . Local artisans also helped provide the community with about 35,000 hand-embroidered masks.

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