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“Trump is backing a new conservative group for donors aiming to compete with Democrats.”

Maggie Haberman for NYT:

Former President Donald J. Trump is backing a group that officials say will be against the Democratic Union’s extensive network of donors, Trump’s latest attempt to make a mark. and his involvement in Republican fundraising efforts since he left the White House. .

The group, known as the United States Union, will require sponsors to pay an annual fee and pledge to award $ 100,000 to candidates and organizations the sponsoring group proposes, according to internal documents and people familiar with the plan. Mr. Trump recommended Michael Glassner, former CEO of Trump’s reelection campaign in 2020, as chief executive.

The new team will recommend submitting contributions to entities created by or working with Trump allies and also to organizations affiliated with Mr. Trump, including a planned Super PAC and a multi-PAC. his own level.

The group’s internal documents, viewed by The New York Times, note that no employee “will be compensated on a commission basis”.



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