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“Trump wants to take down Raffensperger in Georgia; The former president is expected to endorse Rep. Jody Hice, who backed Trump’s effort to reverse the 2020 election results, against Georgia’s foreign minister.


Former President Donald Trump is expected to endorse Rep. Jody Hice in his campaign to remove Georgia Secretary Brad Raffensperger during the Republican primary election next year, according to three people familiar with the decision of Trump.

Trump boiled publicly about Raffensperger following the November election, when the secretary of state refused to support Trump’s erroneous claims that 16 Georgia electoral votes were stolen from his hands. Raffensperger’s top aides have openly rejected the president’s conspiracy theories, warning in early December that it will lead to potential violence.

The then president put strong pressure on Raffensperger, including during a call in early January when Trump told Raffensperger he should “Find” a specific number of votes So he can reverse Joe Biden’s victory in the state. The call has left Trump with potential legal consequences, with Georgia prosecutors investigating whether he was trying to improperly influence election results.

Hice, the first to win his east-central Georgia election in 2014, is a staunch ally of Trump who has backed Trump’s attempt to turn the election upside down. He mocked a Democratic-led attempt to impeach Trump of his role in the January 6 Capitol Hill riots as “bogus”.

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