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“Trump’s restraint on the GOP comes as support falters for an independent investigation into the Capitol riot.”


Congress’ pursuit of an independent investigation of the January 6 uprising faces setbacks, as bipartisan determined to keep perpetrators and incumbents accountable is eroded, and the party Republicans face constant pressure to deny that it was former President Donald Trump’s supporters who attacked the US Capitol.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Announced last weekend that she was drafting a new proposal for an outside committee to look at what caused the deadly riot. But in a sign of how sensitive the political environment has become, she has yet to share her proposals with Republican leaders who have beaten the original approach. is too narrow in scope and too heavy on the composition of the Democratic Party.

“There is a need for compromise,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to other Democrats, informing them that she had begun sharing her latest proposal with other Republicans in Congress. “I hope that we can reach an agreement very soon.”

House Minority Leader spokesman Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Declined to comment on a proposal the leader has yet to see, adding that “hopefully the speaker has addressed the concerns. Our basic rights to representation and equal subpoenas. ”

Behind the scenes, Democrats are developing contingency plans. Pelosi admitted this week that a contingency plan would be to appoint a selected committee of House members to investigate the events surrounding the riots, despite her told USA Today that it’s “not my taste.” Another measure is to delay congressional committees currently looking at failures in planning that leave the Capitol vulnerable, which Pelosi has called a potential “resource” for a future committee. , if a committee is formed.



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