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Try these 6 exercises to improve your posture

According to Earl Walton, Tampa, Fla. . “Athletes who have the ability to run off bicycles and run high are ready for the challenge ahead. Your run will be more successful if you can effectively carry the upper body. “

After hours of bending on a bicycle or laptop, muscles such as the hips are tightened, causing the glutes and muscles to become inactive, Walton said. “You can see many triathlons running with their shoulders bent because their cores are off,” he said. “Their upper body looks like a sack of potatoes. You can get a similar look after a day of conference calling or working on the computer.

Mr. Walton calls this his fitness workout. It helps to train his triathlete to transition from a hunched bicycle to a basic running position. It also works to transition from your desk to workouts. “At the end of the workday, we want the body to turn from question mark shape to exclamation point,” he said. “These exercises will help activate your muscles to put you back in that strong position so that you won’t be stretched or strained at work until your child’s Little League exercise training.” Do these exercises as a workout to build better posture or use them as a kick-in to your workout, he says.

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